Each year as the school year winds down, I usually have a handful of parents requesting summer work.  One of the things I encourage my students to work on to get ready for first grade is handwriting/ printing practice.  

With that in mind, I created this NO PREP Summer Fun Alphabet Book designed to help your kindergarten and first grade students review the following concepts over the break: 


  • Word writing/ Phonetic Writing
  • Letter/ Sound Relationships
  • Handwriting / Printing Practice
  • Adding a detailed illustration

This is also a great packet to provide to preschool students / incoming kindergarten students as it is a perfect Kindergarten Readiness Tool!  If you do a preschool orientation night or some event along those lines, this would be a great packet to send home.  


Package includes:

**4 Cover Choices
**26 Letter Pages (use now for summer packet and later for individual worksheets or center activities to practice letter introduction/ formation)
**Direction Page for parents and students 

~If you like, you can tell your students to return the completed book to you in August for a sticker/ prize.


Working on one page at a time, students think of four summer words that begin with the letter at the top of the page. They write one word in each of the four boxes in pencil, and add a matching illustration in crayon. At the bottom of the page, students trace the uppercase and lowercase letters provided in pencil. Lastly, they finish each line writing the letters independently beginning where the dot is shown. 

On pages where the letter at the top is a vowel, students may use words with the vowel sound either at the beginning or in the middle of the word. For example, on the “Aa” page, a student may write “alligator” or “map.”



Encouraging students to complete this activity will help to make the transition into the next school year a smooth one!

Enjoy your summer teachers!  You’ve earned it!