The Perfect Primary Printable Writing Paper for Beginner Writers in Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Kindergarten First Grade Writing Paper

Kindergarten Writing Paper for the Entire Year!

I searched for years for the perfect kindergarten writing paper that met the changing needs of my students at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  I saw that my students needed wider lines at the beginning of the year.  By mid-year or at the end of the year, they are ready for medium or smaller lines.  
So when I couldn’t find it, I created a product that includes formats with line size variations to accommodate the needs of emerging writers in kindergarten (and first grade).  I also decided to include a Writing Checklist to help them remember the important parts of sentence writing and illustrating.

The Perfect Primary Printable Paper

This Perfect Primary Printable Paper includes 160 pages of top, middle, base lined paper just right for your beginner writers in kindergarten and first grade. Choose from 20 styles with 8 formats of each style.  

Kindergarten First Grade Writing PaperUse as individual sheets at a Writing Center or create journals with the paper. 

Differentiated Formats

Each style includes pages with 2 large lines, 3 medium lines, and 4 and 5 smaller lines. Choose paper with NAME section for use as individual pages or without the name for use as journal paper.

Two and three lined versions are great for the beginning of kindergarten.

Four and five lined versions are perfect for first grade all year long and for the middle or end of kindergarten!

All formats feature my custom design shaded area between sets. I created this shading to help a student with special needs, and I saw great success with it.  The light blue area shown copies as a beautiful light gray. This allows the teacher room to translate phonetic spelling and helps new writers form letters correctly. It’s also great for helping students with OT issues, especially with the tail letters.

Kindergarten Teacher Tip

My students enjoy using this paper at the Writing Center as well as for Writing Workshop. I begin the year using the two large writing lines that are perfect for my kids, who are just learning to print.  I switch to the three lines in November as my students are slightly more comfortable with letter formation.
In January, most of my students are ready for four lines. Those who are not quite ready can continue using the three lined paper.  By the end of the year, most of the kids use the five lined version.
My kids have been very successful with this paper. The writing checklist helps to remind them of proper sentence writing technique. I hope your students find this paper helpful as well!
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Kindergarten Writing Resources

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