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Create your first Kindergarten Class Book!

Read more about how I use this Friends From A to Z class book in my kindergarten classroom.  This is one of our first writing activities at the beginning of the year, and it’s a fun one!

Having the kids create class books for our classroom library is one of my absolute favorite writing activities.  I tell them that they are the author’s and illustrators.  I make a cover and either laminate and bind or use a binder and place the pages in sheet protectors.  However you do it, you kiddos will love reading the books they created themselves!

The First Book in Our Class Books Collection

The first book we create is called Our Friends From A to Z.  After reading the book From Anne to Zach, each student created his/her own page.  We used DOT ART to fill in the first letters of their name, and then the kids wrote their names on the line below.  These looked so amazing last year!  I laminated them and created a bulletin board.  When I pulled them down after a week or so, I added the cover, bound it, and placed it in our classroom library!  

Here is how the pages turned out…

Kindergarten Class Book


Create yours today!  Check out Our Friends From A to Z on my TPT store! 




Writing Class Books

Whenever my students have the opportunity to visit our classroom library, they always seem to go for the books they’ve created over my store-bought collection.  Class books give the students a sense of ownership.  They are so proud to read the words they have created.  It’s a wonderful thing to see!  Click HERE to check out my growing collection of Class Books!

Dot Art Markers are a fun and fast-drying way to have your students complete this activity!  This is what I used in the main photo.  It’s quick, simple, and looks amazing!

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