NO PREP Kindergarten and First Grade Journal Writing Prompts for the ENTIRE YEAR!  

I used to spend so much time searching for and prepping developmentally appropriate writing activities.  This journal bundle was designed with the goal of having all of my writing for the school year in one place.  I poured my heart and soul into creating each monthly package, and it was SO worth it!  Having my monthly writing in one file so that I can print and go is everything!  I hope that this resource helps teachers just like me.  I love creating purposeful products that help to eliminate your stress and give you back your precious planning time.  For me, that is the most rewarding part of being a Teacher-Author.  Reading the feedback on this product makes me so happy!

After months of creating and perfecting this package, I am so thrilled to share this TPT Blog Featured Resource with you!  My JOURNAL BUNDLE for the ENTIRE YEAR includes nine months of writing prompts for beginner writers in kindergarten and first grade! 

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All  Journal Writing Prompts Monthly Packages Include:


Binder Cover
Choices for Student Journal Covers
24+ Writing Prompts
Primary Lined Paper with Writer’s Checklist – (Shaded blue area copies beautifully as a light gray!)
2 Formats/ Versions depending on how you would like to use the pages


“Name” area included at the heading of each page
4 lines of primary lined paper (Blue shaded area copies as light gray.) 
Room for students to complete prompt and add additional sentence
Writer’s Checklist at the bottom


This format is great for individual use either during Writing Workshop time or as a Writing Center. Works well with the Daily 5 or any literacy centers!



For use as a journal
Choice of cover options. Choose cover, arrange pages in the order you like, copy and staple!
“Name” area not included as students write names on journal cover
5 lines of primary lined paper. – Extra writing line for students to write more details! Students finish prompt and eventually write a second or third sentence. 
Writer’s Checklist at the bottom

The Writing Checklist 

 Featured at the bottom of the journal paper, this checklist helps beginner writers in kindergarten and first grade to stay on track!

Below is a sample binder cover from the May edition…

Each monthly bundle includes different cover options…


Journal Bundle for the Year

 No Prep Journal Writing Prompts are also sold separately under the MONTHLY JOURNAL PROMPTS category! SAVE with the YEARLY BUNDLE!

Teacher Tips for Using the Journal Writing Prompts:

     I have used these prompts as individual pages at my Writing Center some months and as journals other months.  I prefer using them as a journal because it allows you to see the progression and makes for a nice keepsake! During the first few months of writing instruction in kindergarten, my students and I complete the prompts together.  I model capitalization, punctuation, spacing, phonetic spelling, and letter formation.  By January, most students are ready to complete the prompts independently.  Those who still need assistance work with me at the Teacher Table.  
     In first grade, these prompts are most likely able to be completed at the beginning of the school year.  More advanced writers should be able to complete the prompt and add a second or third supporting sentence.  
Kindergarten Writing Journals
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