Like many of you, my district has decided to begin remotely for the first nine weeks of school.  Prepping kindergarten remote learning resources felt so overwhelming at first.  I knew I wanted to include printables for ELA and Math that could be used throughout the entire school year (as we have no clue of knowing when/if we are going back the the classroom).  I decided to create a binder with purposeful pages place in sheet protectors so that my students could use them as dry-erase write and wipe activities to practice again and again.  The binder turned out better than I had imagined!  In fact, I plan on continuing to use it even after remote learning is over!

The Kindergarten Remote Learning Resources Binder Bundle Includes the Following:

•Editable Cover Options (You may type students’ names in center or customize as you wish!)

•Editable Welcome to Kindergarten Letter explaining the binder (Use the sample letter or create your own!)

•40 pages of binder pages (Some pages have different formats for you to choose from)

•Place Value Blocks (one hundreds flat, 10 rods, and ten ones to be used with the Place Value Binder Page)

•Pattern Blocks

•Money (to be used with the Piggy Bank binder page)

•Numbers 1 to 20 Flash Cards

•Word Building Small Letter Cards (to be used with the Word Building Mats Binder Pages)

•Uppercase Letter Flash Cards

•Lowercase Letters Flash Cards

BINDER PAGES all begin with “I Can” statements and include the following topics:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter/ Sound Correspondence
  • Lowercase Letter Recognition
  • Uppercase Letter Recognition
  • Uppercase Letter Formation
  • Lowercase Letter Formation
  • Name Writing
  • Writing Sentences
  • Word Building
  • Writing Words
  • Number Recognition
  • Formation of Numbers 1 to 10
  • Formation of Numbers 1 to 20
  • Tracing Numbers 1 to 20
  • Using a Number Line
  • Using a Hundreds Chart
  • Working with Ten Frames
  • Showing Place Value
  • Naming 2D Shapes
  • Tracing 2D Shapes
  • Naming Solids
  • Adding Money
  • Rolling Dice and Recording
  • Rolling Dice and Writing a Number Sentence
  • Using Number Bonds

Teacher Tips for Prepping Your Kindergarten Remote Learning Resources Binders

Simply print the pages double-sided on card stock, insert the pages into sheet protectors, and place the flash cards in the inside pocket. Students may use the pages with a dry-erase marker again and again throughout the school year for independent practice.

I also plan on using these pages for my remote learning live lessons. I will tell my students which page to turn to, and we will complete some activities together. You may choose to number the pages in the bottom corner if you like with a Sharpie before you make your copies. That way, you can tell students to turn to the page number.

If your budget does not provide the funds needed to buy the materials, ask your parents to purchase a one-inch binder and 20 sheet protectors. You can always just send home the pages with instructions for the parents to fill the sheet protectors on their own.

Head to my TPT Store to check out the full video preview of the binder.

I am so excited to use this resource for my own remote learning. I hope that it helps you with yours!