Kindness bulletin board If you are a kindergarten teacher looking for ideas on incorporating kindness into your curriculum, you’ve come to the right place!  This post is packed with kindness activities for kindergarten.  These ideas may be used for World Kindness Day, The Great Kindness Challenge, SEL lessons, or any time!

Kindness Activities for Kindergarten:  Begin with a Kindness Read-aloud

Kindness lessons (and all lessons) always begin with a good read-aloud.  I had been wanting to write my own children’s book about kindness for some time now.  I am beyond excited to share it with you.

Introducing We Put the KIND in Kindergarten – a children’s book dedicated to my teacher bestie in Heaven, Keri, who always put the KIND in Kindergarten!

This story teaches children about the powerful impact that random acts of kindness have in the classroom and beyond. The first four letters in Kindergarten spell “kind” for a reason! Young readers learn about the importance of sharing, lending a helpful hand, including others, giving compliments, and making the new kid feel welcome. This story offers wonderful examples of kindness and provides a platform for meaningful discussion on how students can put the KIND in Kindergarten themselves!

This kindness book is available on Amazon in paperback, or you can download the Kindle version.

We Put the Kind in Kindergarten Companion Lesson

After reading the book to my kindergarteners, we do a shared writing lesson.  I ask the kids for ideas on how we can incorporate kindness into our classroom.  They can use examples mentioned in the book as well as their own ideas.  I use chart paper as I write down their ideas.

Next, students begin the writing flip craft.  They write their name on the outer heart.  Then, the kids complete the writing prompt.  Last, they cut out both hearts.  You can glue or staple the tops of the hearts to make it a flip craft.

Creating Your Kindness Bulletin Board

Kindness Writing for Kindergarten

After students have finished the writing flip craft, print the lettering that spells “We Put the Kind in Kindergarten” and display with the heart writing craft.  It makes the perfect kindness bulletin board in Kindergarten.

You can find the We Put the KIND in Kindergarten Book Companion lesson in my TPT Store, and purchase your copy of the book on Amazon!

We Put the Kind in KINDergarten Teacher T-shirts

You can now purchase your We Put the Kind in KINDergarten teacher t-shirt or sweatshirt.  This is perfect for World Kindness Day, The Great Kindness Challenge, or any school day of the year!   CLICK HERE to check it out.

Kindergarten Teacher T-shirts


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