Here’s a Valentine’s Day FREEBIE just for you!  Are you looking for a cute Valentine’s Day holder for your students to collect their Valentines? I use these Heart Holders each year in lieu of creating bags or boxes. Parents love it because it’s one less thing they have to do, and the kids have so much fun making them.  Learn more about how to create them in your classroom…

Valentine’s Day Freebie Heart Holder

Visit my TPT Store and download the editable resource.  Open the file.  Duplicate the editable slide for as many students as you have.  Type your students’ names, print onto a color of your choice.  Have students cut out the heart.  You can have them draw hearts or add stickers if you wish.

Valentine's Day Editable Heart Template

Assembling Your Heart Holders

For the holder, you will need 12 x 18 construction paper.  Fold it in half, and draw half a heart or use the included heart tracing template.  Each student will need two large hearts.  I like to make them different colors.  Have students cut out the large hearts, and glue their heart with the name in the center of the top heart.

Valentine's Day Holders

Line the two hearts up and staple all around leaving the top open to allow the valentines to be placed inside.  You can also hole punch and have students use yarn to lace if you have time.

Valentine holders

Collecting Valentines

I line all the heart holders up in a long line on the counter by my windows.  Students move down the line placing one valentine in each holder.  Once all the valentines have been distributed, I staple the hearts shut.  My students take the hearts home and open their valentines at home.  I encourage families to send in the valentines the week before Valentine’s Day so that we have everything passed out before our party.  Don’t forget to remind your families NOT to write students’ names on each valentine as it will take FOREVER to distribute the cards.  Instead, I just ask students sign their names without addressing each card.

Valentine Holders

If you would like to try this in your classroom, snag the FREEBIE when you join the Kindergarten Korner Free Resources Library!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine's Day Ideas

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