Kindergarten Assessments

We are only weeks away from our last day of school.  That means it’s assessment time!  While testing can always be a little stressful, the planning and prepping doesn’t have to be!   In this post, I’ll share what I use for my Kindergarten End of the Year Assessments.

Kindergarten End of the Year Assessments

I use my Kindergarten Assessments Binder not just for Kindergarten End of Year Assessments, but also for beginning of the year, progress monitoring, and everything in between!  At the end of the school year, I simply pull out the assessments that match my report card descriptors and make copies.  Having all of my assessments in one grab-and-go binder has been a life-saver for me.


The Kindergarten Assessments Binder

So let me tell you a little bit more about the binder a.k.a.  my “Kindergarten Bible.”  This teacher tool features three sections for Math, ELA, and Writing.  Each section includes a variety of virtual and in-person assessments aligned to the Kindergarten Standards.

Kindergarten Assessments Binder

Kindergarten Assessments for the Entire Year

Below is just a sample of the 125 pages of assessments included in the Kindergarten Assessments Binder.

kindergarten assessments

Check out the preview video in my TPT Store to see all that’s included!  This resource is guaranteed to help you with your end of year testing and so much more!