Kindergarten Writing

If I could give any advice to new Kindergarten teachers, I would definitely recommend doing Kindergarten Writing Portfolios.  This is, by far, my favorite writing activity.  The transformation from the first page to the last is truly amazing!

What are Kindergarten Writing Portfolios?

Kindergarten Writing Portfolios are booklets that progress monitor your students’ writing ability at different benchmarks throughout the school year.  The resource includes different formats for your to choose how often you would like to administer the prompt.  You may decide to do this activity quarterly or monthly.  I prefer doing it monthly.  I always schedule the prompt in my planner for the first teaching day of the month so we don’t forget to complete it.

Creating and Using Your Portfolios

Setting up and using your portfolios is simple…

  1.  Choose your format, print, and double staple the portfolios.
  2. Have your students complete one page a quarter or per month without any assistance from the teacher.  I always tell the kids that, while I help them with our daily Writer’s Workshop, they must try to do this activity on their own.  This way, it provides a true picture of each student’s ability.
  3. At the end of the year, have students look back at each page to see how they have grown since August.

An End of the Year Keepsake

Kindergarten Writing Portfolios make the best Kindergarten keepsake.  I sent the books home this past week, and the parents loved them!  I received so many emails from parents in awe of how far their children have come in the areas of writing and illustrating!

Check out my Instagram Reel of my writing portfolios HERE..

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