As our Kindness Week leads right into Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted to create a bulletin board and writing resource that combined the themes of kindness and love.  I’m excited to share with you my latest creation.  Introducing the “In Our Kindness Era” Bulletin Board kit.  In this post, I’ll share all the details about what’s included and how you can use this in your own classroom.

In Our Kindness Era Bulletin Board

Kindness Bulletin Board

This printable resource allows you to instantly create the perfect Kindness Bulletin Board or decorate your classroom door for Kindness Week, The Great Kindness Challenge, Valentine’s Day, or any time of year in any grade level.

Here is what is included:

  • Bulletin Board Colored Letters that read “IN OUR KINDNESS ERA” exactly as shown. Choose from two font options for “KINDNESS ERA”
  • 6 Color Choices for Hearts in three sizes – 7″, 5″, and 2.6″
  • 3 Choices of a Class Book Cover – Pick the one you like best, print and place the cover in the front clear window of a binder, and add the writing pages in sheet protectors. Place the book in your classroom library for your students to enjoy!
  • 3 Differentiated Writing Page Formats that begin with the prompt, “In my Kindness Era, I will…” Print onto white card stock or colored card stock. Display with the bulletin board letters. When you take the bulletin board down, use the pages for the class book!
  • BONUS borders and bulletin board accents.

Simply print your bulletin board decor in color, laminate, and display.

Kindness Writing Activities

After you’ve printed and prepped your bulletin board decor, choose from three differentiated writing papers.   Then, have your students write about what they will do in their “Kindness Era” to show kindness and love to their classmates.  We discussed examples together as a class, and I wrote my students’ ideas on the whiteboard by having them help me “tap out” sounds to spell words.  I passed out the papers, which I copied onto different colors of card stock, and the kids each wrote about their favorite way to show kindness.

Kindness Writing Activities

Once the kids finished their writing, I displayed the hearts on the bulletin board for the perfect February display.  When I take them down, I plan to combine them into another class book using the binder and cover shown in the above photo.

Kindness Meets Valentine’s Day

Take a look at how the bulletin board turned out with the decor and my students’ writing.

Kindness Bulletin Board

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In Our Kindness Era Bulletin Board

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May this year be the best “teaching era” for all of us!