Creating Your Mother’s Day Magazine

This package includes everything you need to create a four page “Mother of the Year” magazine spread for your students’ mothers.   The file includes over 40 pages of choices – Select from options for a cover, an interview about Mom (my absolute favorite part), student writing, & poem/ fingerprint craft. Choose which pages you want to include, copy onto card stock, and you’re ready to go!
**Product Update upon Buyer Request: This file has been updated to include formats for “Special Person of the Year” / “Woman of the Year” to use if needed.

Teacher Tips

I usually have the kids color the covers during morning work while I call students up one at a time to complete the interview page.  We complete the writing page during Writer’s Workshop the week before Mother’s Day.  I have them sign their names on the last page, and I call them up one at a time to stamp their thumbprints around the flower.
I assemble the pages onto 12x 18 construction paper and fold the magazines in half.  You can also laminate the finished products.

Here’s What’s Included in the Mother’s Day Magazine Resource:

Mother of the Year cover
All About Mom Interview
Writing Piece
I’m Your Little Flower Poem


These Mother’s Day Magazines make the greatest keepsake for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd!

Thank you for looking. Happy Mother’s Day to all the AMAZING moms and  teacher moms out there!


Click here to view my Mother’s Day Magazine!

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