April Showers Bulletin Board Kindergarten

April is the perfect month for some rainy day fun!   I love using this April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Board Bundle with my students.  It integrates art, writing, fine motor skills, and fun into one engaging seasonal activity.  In this post, I’ll explain how you can create this April Showers Bulletin Board in your kindergarten – 3rd grade classroom…

What’s Included

This resource comes with differentiated writing templates (K through 3), craft templates options, bulletin board letters, and teacher tips for assembly!  NO PREP – Simply copy the templates onto blue or white cardstock, and let the students do the rest.  This activity can be completed over an entire week or in one day depending on how much time you have.
April Showers Bulletin Board Kindergarten


April Showers Writing and craft


How to Create Your April Showers Bulletin Board

Raindrop Writing Templates

First, begin by selecting which raindrop writing template best meets the needs of your students.  Copy onto blue cardstock, and have students respond to the prompt, “On a rainy day….” during Writing Workshop.

Raindrop Watercolor Craft

From there, you will need to copy blank raindrop onto blue card stock and follow the included directed drawing tips to have the students create a rainy scene.  (There is also a raindrop template included where the students may just color in the picture.  This is a great option for younger students or for those with fine motor difficulties.)  When they are finished, have them wash over crayon drawing with blue watercolor as seen in the photo below.  I like using paint sponge brushes.  See the link at the bottom of this post.  

Umbrella Dot Art Craft for your April Showers Bulletin Board

After that, the next step is to copy umbrella template and handle onto white card stock.  Have students paint with watercolors or use dot art.  I used dot art this year because it dries the same day.  I read the students a rainy day story while the umbrellas dried, and then they were able to cut them out.  

April Showers Bring May Flowers bulletin board

Note:  The large tulips are sold separately.  If you are interested in the larger tulips as seen in the photo above, check out my 3D Spring Tulips Bulletin Board Bundle , which also incorporates a writing prompt and craft.  You can also purchase the April Showers and May Flowers Bundle, which includes both resources shown in the photo above.

April Showers Bulletin Board

Umbrella writing and craft

Umbrella writing and craft

Most importantly, have fun with your students creating this rainy day scene!  I love leaving this up as a window display for both April and May!  Our Open House is usually right at the beginning of May.  I leave this hanging, and I always get lots of compliments.  

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I love seeing your boards in action!  If you complete this board in your own classroom, snap a pic (tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey or email me at kindergartenkorner123@gmail.com) for a chance to win free products!

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