Create a Portable Word Wall that’s Perfect for Kindergarten

Portable Word Wall for Kindergarten

If you are on Pinterest these days, you most likely have come across ideas for portable word walls.  I started using one last year with  alphabetized words, and I really loved the idea of it.  The kids enjoyed using it, and it got them excited about writing.  What I found using the A to Z portable word wall was that it was great –  for my readers, that is!  However, it was not as effective for my emerging readers because they couldn’t read many of the words.  With this in mind, I wanted to design a word wall specifically for my kindergarten students.  I decided to create a portable word wall grouping the words by short vowel word families.  I now display both my Word Families Word Wall AND my A to Z Word Wall to give my students differentiated options depending on their skill level.

Portable Word Wall

I created this Word Families Task Card and Word Wall Bundle that groups words into 22 short vowel (a,e,i,o,u) word families.  The best part is that your students will actually be able to decode the included 264 closed syllable words on their own by mid-year!  I have my students read the word to a friend and then write the word.  They also use the word wall for everyday writing.  The possibilities are endless!

The Word Families Task Cards and Portable Word Wall Bundle includes…

  • 22 Word Family Circle Headers for all short vowels (a, e, i, o, and u) with color neon/ rainbow border as shown
  • 264 Decodable / Closed Syllable Short Vowel Sound Cards (prints 4 or 6 to a page and may also be used for flash cards, center games, and more) with color neon/ rainbow border – I use the larger cards for task cards and the smaller size for my portable word wall as shown in the pictures.
  • 2 Neon/ Rainbow Banners that read “WRITING CENTER” or “WORD WALL” in the capital letter font style shown in preview. Two sizes are included for full page banner pennants or half-page.
  • Rainbow/ Neon borders (prints 3 per page) to use with your Writing Center or Word Wall if you wish!
  • Blank templates for cards and circles
  • Task card box covers
  • Teacher Tips for assembling your portable sound word family word wall

Portable Word Wall Kindergarten

Short Vowel Task Cards

Short Vowel Task Cards

Word Families Word Wall Kindergarten


Teacher Tips
Creating a Portable Word Wall in Kindergarten

Creating a Portable Word Wall in Kindergarten

Creating a Portable Word Wall in Kindergarten

Many of my kindergarten students, especially my approaching-level and on-level kiddos, prefer this word wall over the traditional style because they can read the words!   I do still have my A to Z wall available in the room for students when they are ready to use it!

I chose to create a writing center with my word wall hung at the bottom of my bulletin board. The kids can easily reach and return the sets. We use these words for Write the Room activities, Work on Reading Centers, and sentence writing. You can even print copies of the words and send home as flash cards. The possibilities are endless!


You can purchase the Word Wall Bundle that includes both the A to Z and Word Families Word Walls HERE!

I would love to hear more about how you use word walls in your classroom!


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