A Virtual Kindergarten Graduation in 2020 – Can it be done?

Virtual Kindergarten Graduation

When I created my Graduation Bundle, I never in a million years imagined using it for an online ceremony.  Yet, here we are.  Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.  Kindergarten Teachers, I am here to tell you that it is possible to pull off something that has never happened before – a Virtual Kindergarten Graduation / End of the Year Celebration!  Will it be the same?  Of course not!  Let’s be realistic here – there is no Google Meetup or Zoom session that could ever compare to the cuteness of your kiddos on stage singing and dancing together with their families watching.  That doesn’t mean that we should give up hope though!   Kindergarten is such a special year.   To end it without doing anything memorable would only add to the sadness going on in the world around us.  In this post, I will explain how you can virtually adapt my Graduation Bundle to end your year on a high note.

Edit:  This post was originally published during remote learning.  CLICK HERE to learn How to Plan a Kindergarten or PreK Graduation for in-person instruction.  If you are still teaching online, keep reading for virtual graduation tips…


Planning a graduation or year-end celebrating may seem completely overwhelming right now.  Trust me, I GET IT.  I am slowing losing my mind helping my daughters (4th and 6th grade) with their online learning.  I have an almost 3 year old little boy, who I can’t take my eyes off of for a second.  I’m trying my best to juggle Google Meetups with my students, staff calls, and planning.  It’s absolutely EXHAUSTING!  I know I am not alone.  You might feel like you no energy left to even think about, let alone plan for a graduation.  Well, I’ve got you covered!  My GRADUATION MEGA BUNDLE has everything you need to create a spectacular online ceremony.

Please note, as I said earlier this bundle was originally designed for a traditional ceremony in person.  Several portions of this bundle (but not everything included in it) may be adapted for an online celebration.  What you don’t use this year, simply save for next year!   I have so many satisfied teachers who have invested in this resource and use it year after year for their pre-k or kindergarten end of year programs.  You can read the reviews for yourself!


This Graduation MEGA Bundle includes all you need for your Pre-K or Kindergarten End of the Year Ceremony with an Oh, the Places They’ll Go theme! This zip file includes a bulletin board craft, differentiated balloon writing templates, medium and large display letters, pastel pennant banner letters, editable invitations, editable program, editable diplomas, and my personal graduation script with teacher tips, poems, songs, and more!  I will explain what is included and list a virtual option for using the contents…




This Bulletin Board BUNDLE includes 27 differentiated balloon writing templates, craft templates, bulletin board letters, and decor to create a Graduation display to remember! Both primary and regular lined templates are included. Choose from 2 display options – (3-D or pastel), or CREATE BOTH at different times throughout the year like I do!

Virtual Option:  You may upload this craft to your Google Classroom.  Ask students to complete the craft at home, take a picture with it, and send you the picture.  You could then put all of the pictures into an iMovie, slideshow, or online photo album.





Use these banner flag pennant style to create any saying you wish such as Class of 2020 or Class of followed by the year your students will graduate high school (2032 for Kindergarten this year). Each pennant is 5×7 inches and prints one to a page – Save ink and print only those that you need.  I even used this banner set for my son’s first birthday.  It’s pretty awesome!

Virtual Option:  Create your Class of 2020 Banner at home and take a picture!  Post on your Google Classroom or in your End of the Year Video!  You may also have it hang in the background while you host your virtual ceremony.




This file includes my personal 18 page graduation script filled with teacher tips, ideas, teacher’s scripted lines, poems, songs, and more. This is a non-editable file.

Virtual Option:  You may teach the kids songs in your online sessions.  I plan on assigning each student a line in the poem.  I will have Mom or Dad record them and email it to me.  Then, I’ll just drag and drop the video files into iMovie and share with the parents.


Choose from Full Page or Half Page. – Print, Post, or email!
You may personalize by add wording or graphics of your choosing!


Virtual Option:  Email or post the invitation of your virtual ceremony.  I plan on doing it during my final Google Meetup in June.  I will post two weeks before the date.


Choose which option you like for the front and back covers. Click the boxes to personalize. My graphics are secured and may not be deleted. Wording and graphics may be added. The entire program inside is FULLY EDITABLE for you to customize as you wish.


Virtual Option:  You may create a program for your online celebration and post it in your Google Classroom prior to the online ceremony.  You may also email the program in advance so that parents know the order of events.


Choose from 9 options including templates for preschool, kindergarten, and general diplomas. Select which diploma option you like, and click the boxes to customize. Please note that my graphics are secured in place and may not be deleted as with the previous two editable options. You may Insert text boxes to add text anywhere you like. You may also add graphics such as your school’s logo or even a picture of each graduate on the side.



Virtual Option:  You can create a slideshow of the diplomas and click on “present screen” (in Google Meetup, not sure about Zoom) during your online ceremony as you say each students’ name.  You may also send each students’ diploma in an email or print and mail.

Use this product year after year!  You may use many of the elements included in this bundle throughout your school year if you wish.   For example, the balloon writing templates include a goal setting prompt that I use at the beginning of the year.  In addition, you can create banners with the included pennants for any occasion.

Teacher Tips for Your Virtual Kindergarten Graduation

As they say, “Less is more!”  My biggest tip is to keep it simple this year.  I am definitely planning on condensing the length of my original program.  Prerecording portions of your ceremony may also be helpful.  If you are doing an end of the year highlight movie, you can have that ready to go.  We use Google Meetup vs. Zoom.  Google Meetup has the option for you to present the screen.  You can present a video during the online ceremony.  If you have a small class, you could call on each student and ask them what their favorite thing about kindergarten was.  You could also ask them what they want to be when they grow up to go along with the theme.  If you are printing the diplomas, you could read off each name.  Sing a song together, and end with the special poem I have included in the script.  Whatever you do will make it memorable!

I hope that this post has inspired you to create an amazing VIRTUAL Kindergarten Graduation!  

Most importantly, I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.  Family is always first!


SPECIAL DIGITAL TERMS OF USE (adjusted in light of COVID-19) are listed in my TPT Store.

You may use this bundle for distance learning purposes.  However, you may not share this file with teammates, on the Internet, or on District Share Drives.  Please read my entire TOU before purchasing.

This Oh, the Places They’ll Go Themed Graduation Program includes companion activities to use with your purchased copy of Dr. Seuss’ original story. Images in this file do not infringe on the original imagery of Dr. Seuss and do not contain any illustrations by Dr. Seuss.