What to Send Home for Kindergarten Remote Learning

If you’re starting the year remotely but not sure what to send home, this blog post is for you!   My Kindergarten Learning BInder in addition to my Remote Learning Packets include all you need to set your students up for virtual success.  These materials may also be used in the classroom throughout the entire year!

While I love technology, this teacher won’t be going all digital this year and it’s with good reason.  Our youngest learners NEED activities that provide them with hands-on activities that develop and strengthen fine motor skills.  “Dragging and dropping” and “swiping left” should never be a replacement for establishing a proper pencil grip.   Kindergarten students need to learn proper letter and number formation using a pencil and paper.  For this reason, I designed resources that can be printed and sent home so that my students have the necessary materials to work on their fine motor development.

Read more about the 14 things I’m sending home for Kindergarten Remote Learning that are included in my  Kindergarten Remote Learning MEGA Bundle.

  1.  Kindergarten Remote Learning Binder
    Kindergarten Remote Learning Binder

    This binder includes purposeful pages that can be placed in sheet protectors so that students may use them again and again with a dry erase markers.  ELA binder pages are aligned to the Common Core Kindergarten Standards and focus on letter and number recognition, letter and number formation, name writing, sentence writing, and word building.  The math binder pages focus on number sense, ten frames, number bonds, using a hundreds chart, counting money, place value and more!  Flashcards for letters, numbers, and word building cards are included along with paper math manipulatives for shapes, money, and place value blocks.  I place those inside the pocket of the binder.  I absolutely LOVE how this turned out, and I plan on continuing to use it when we do go back to the classroom.  It could work well for morning work, independent practice, centers, or even homework.

  2. Alphabet Practice Book

    This resource is the perfect way to introduce phoneme segmentation and encoding. It is also great for teaching handwriting and letter formation of uppercase and lowercase letters!

    Alphabet Phonics Book - Distance Learning Packet Encoding, Handwriting

  3. Handwriting Practice Book

    Proper Letter Formation is so important in the early grades.  I knew I wanted to send home a handwriting book for students to practice tracing and writing letters correctly.

    Kindergarten Handwriting Book

  4. Name Writing Practice Packet

    Writing our names is one of the first writing units we complete in kindergarten.  This package comes with several pages and options for students to practice writing their names correctly.

    Name Writing Practice Pages

  5. Fun With Writing Printable Paper

    My best selling writing paper is perfect for sending home blank writing paper for sentence writing.  You can combine into a journal or leave the pages loose.  This package comes with several different options that fit young writers’ changing needs throughout the school year.  Begin with fewer, wider writing lines and gradually move towards adding more lines as the year progresses!

    Kindergarten Printable Writing Paper

  6. All About Me Books

    I use these All About Me Books during the second week of school.  They are perfect for teaching students how to write numbers and color words, and it is a great activity for getting to know your students.

    All About Me Books

  7. Kindergarten Writing Portfolios

    Documenting your students’ writing growth is so important, which is why I started creating Kindergarten Writing Portfolios.  This resource includes several options for you to administer prompts throughout the year.  By June, you have a beautiful portfolio that shows the beautiful transformation in your emerging writers!

    Kindergarten Writing Portfolios

  8. My Book of 100 Numbers

    All of my kids need practice with number formation!  This printable books includes 25 numbers per page for students to trace.  I have my kids Rainbow Write the numbers using marker.  The traceable font allows their little hands to gain memory of how to properly write their numbers.  Reversing numbers is quite common at this age, so the more practice the better!

    Kindergarten Number Writing to 100

  9. Number Book 1 to 10

    I begin math by teaching numbers 1 through 10.  I created these books that are perfect for so many things – teaching proper number formation, introducing ten frames and tallies, using a number line, and more!

    Kindergarten Number Sense BooksKindergarten Number Books

  10. Number Book 1 to 20

    This is the sequel to the above product.  You can use these right after teaching numbers 1 to 10, or save them for later in the year!

  11. Measuring Our Shoes Mini Book

    This is a fun one for the classroom or for distance learning.  It was originally designed to be used with cubes as measuring tools, but remote learning students can improvise with whatever materials you have at home!

    Kindergarten Measuring Unit

  12. My Book of Tiles

    Students build and color tile arrangements.  Then, they write a corresponding number sentence.  Once again, remote learning students do not need the tiles to complete this activity.  Students may simply color a tile arrangement using the number of tiles listed at the top of the page.  This activity is also great for number composition and decomposition, addition, and number writing.

    Kindergarten Math Activities

  13. Toss the Chips

    This math investigation focuses on number decomposition for numbers five through ten.  Children toss red and yellow chips, record what they tossed, and write a corresponding number sentence.  Distance learners may easily substitute the colored math chips for coins and record “heads or tails” instead.

    Toss the Chips Math Investigation

  14. 2D Book of Shapes

    This is a great lesson on Geometry.  Students trace the shape word and record how many sides and vertices each shape has.

    Kindergarten Math 2D Shapes

Teacher Tip

When sending the packets home, I added a note asking the parents to NOT let their children work ahead on these packets.  My plan is to have the kids have everything in their backpacks including the binder and packets.  I copied the packets with different color covers so that I can tell them to take out their blue book, etc.  We will complete some of these pages together during synchronous lessons and other pages will be assigned during asynchronous times.

You can find my   Kindergarten Remote Learning MEGA Bundle in my TPT Store!  I hope that this post has given you some ideas about what can be sent home (or used in the classroom) during this unprecedented school year!   I wish you the very best of luck!