Virtual Kindergarten Assessments

Have you thought about or maybe already attempted administering Virtual Kindergarten Assessments?  As a kindergarten teacher who struggled with assessing during the Spring of 2020, I knew something needed to change.  What I found was that many of my students struggled with online assessments.  Overall, my kids had a lot of difficulty staying on the correct line when reading letters, numbers, or words.  I decided to add Virtual Kindergarten Assessments to one of my best selling items, my Kindergarten Assessments Binder Bundle.

Virtual Kindergarten Assessments

I updated my bundle by adding virtual versions to those assessments that needed to be administered one-on-one.  These assessments now come in three forms: a student copy (for the student to view while being assessed in person), a virtual color-coded assessment for online testing (for teacher to share the screen), and a teacher recording sheet to send home.

Adding different colors of shaded rows will help your students stay on the correct line and prevent them from skipping or omitting a line.  I tested these out to screen my kindergarten students at the beginning of the year, and they worked perfectly!  I felt that the data obtained was much more reliable that what I had collected in the spring because I had eliminated the root of the errors!


Virtual Kindergarten Assessments

How to Use the Virtual Assessments

Here are four simple steps to follow for administering your Virtual Kindergarten Assessments for Remote Learning…

  1.  Set up your Google Meets / Zoom Meetings with each student.
  2. Have your PDF set to the page of the virtual assessment you wish to use.
  3. Present or Share Your Screen.
  4. Tell your student, “Read me the words in the pink line.”  Then move on to the following color.  You would score the student using the included Teacher Recording Sheet

The Kindergarten Assessments Binder Bundle

This binder (a.k.a. My Kindergarten Bible) is the one resource I cannot live without.  In addition to the newly added Virtual Kindergarten Assessments, you have cover choices, binder spine font choices, and a plethora of assessments for Math, ELA, and Writing.  All ELA and some math have virtual versions.  However, other math assessments along with all writing assessments require students to use the paper and pencil copy for independent work.  You may send these home or upload them to a password secure site for distance learning.

Digital Assessments for Kindergarten


Virtual Kindergarten Assessments


I hope that this post has inspired you to try virtually assessing your students!

In addition to using virtual assessments, I’m also going digital for Calendar Math time.  Click here to learn more about how you can easily incorporate so many concepts of number sense into your remote learning mornings!