Whether you are a new teacher decorating your classroom for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to spice up your space, choosing a classroom theme can be a tough decision. Here are my top tips for choosing a theme to fit your style—your “Schoolgirl Style”!

Teacher Tip #1:  Work with what you have.

My number one tip is to work with what you have—whatever you’ve already invested into your classroom. Over the past five years, I have purchased bright neon items a little bit at a time. My storage bins and baskets, along with my hand-painted rocking chairs, add pops of color to my kindergarten classroom.  I knew that I wanted to find a collection with a complimentary color palette to tie it all together!


Teacher Tip #2: Get social!

Connect with fellow teachers who share your interests.  Instagram is my favorite social media platform for sharing ideas. I highly recommend creating a separate Instagram account for your teacher-shares—as many of your non-teacher friends most likely aren’t interested in seeing how fabulous your latest bulletin board turned out!

Scrolling through my teacher-Instagram account allows me to see what other teachers around the world are doing in their classrooms.  I began to follow Melanie Ralbusky of @schoolgirlstyle on Instagram a few years ago. If you aren’t already following her, you need to.  She is the queen of classroom decor, and her classroom photos are simply amazing!  The @carsondellosa Instagram is another must follow.  Both accounts are great for classroom inspiration and decoration ideas.  Be sure to save your Insta-favorite decor posts by simply clicking the banner icon under the post.  It’s helpful to have your favorites all in one place for when you are ready to narrow down your classroom theme choices.


Teacher Tip #3: Set a budget and stick to it!

While keeping your budget in mind, create a wish-list and prioritize which items to purchase first. Begin with the essentials and add as you go. My must-have items for kindergarten include a calendar set, an alphabet, a birthday bulletin board, and a classroom jobs set.

Teacher Tip #4: Go shopping!

Shop a variety of online collections—select a theme that suits your style and is appropriate for your grade level. Carson Dellosa Education and Schoolgirl StyleTM have so many beautiful classroom décor collections for all grade levels—it can definitely be hard to choose!

Teacher Tip #5: Keep it simple, sophisticated, and purposeful.

Try not to go overboard. The goal is to create a cohesive, clutter-free environment with meaningful products that will enhance your students’ learning experience. Remember to leave blank space for your students’ work to be displayed.

So, which theme did I choose?

Keeping my tips for choosing a classroom theme in mind, I decided to go with the beautifully designed Simply Stylish Tropical by Schoolgirl Style.  As a kindergarten teacher, I am passionate about creating a bright environment for my young learners.  I immediately fell in love with the color palette in this new collection – just looking at it makes me happy!  It also has everything on my must-have checklist that I mentioned earlier.  The products are absolutely perfect for my kindergarten classroom, and I feel they would be great in any grade level.

Thanks to Carson Dellosa Education and Schoolgirl Style, my classroom has been transformed into a tropical paradise.   The before and after speaks for itself…

Here are a few more photos of my classroom makeover using the Simply Stylish Tropical Collection…


Bulletin Board Borders

Classroom Jobs Set



Simply Stylish Tropical

tropical classroom theme

Choosing a classroom theme that suits you best will help make your space a place where both you and your students will love spending the day.  So, are you ready to get Schoolgirl Styled? Carson Dellosa is here to help!

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