Each month, I assign a fun “Family Homework” assignment.  My November one is always a favorite!  Read more about my Disguise a Turkey Thanksgiving Activity!

Turkeys in Disguise Bulletin Board

Disguise a Turkey Thanksgiving Family Homework

The best part of assigning monthly family homework is that the students do the work at home, and you have an instant bulletin board!  My families also love that this project is fun, and it’s something students and families enjoy doing together.  My Disguise a Turkey Thanksgiving Family Homework comes with a parent letter with instructions and your choice of two turkey templates.  It also includes BONUS Bulletin Board Header Letters that read “Turkeys in Disguise” in the font shown in the photo.

Prepping Your Disguise a Turkey Activity is as Easy as 1,2,3…

  1.  First, print both the parent letter and turkey template of your choice.  I print them stapled together.
  2. Next, send home and wait for your turkeys in disguise to return!
  3. Then, print your lettering onto any colored paper and staple onto your bulletin board.


Allow Students to Share Their Turkeys in Disguise!

Once all of your students have returned their turkeys, I always allow each child to talk about their design.  Many of them incorporate their own interests into the disguise.  I am always amazed to see what they come up with!  Each turkey is unique just like they are.


Take a look at some of my students’ disguises…

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Disguise a Turkey NEW Product Updates!

As of November 4, 2022, this resource has been updated to include these new components (in addition to the original file):

  • A NEW Election Day Lesson – Teach your students about the voting process by having them vote on the best turkey disguise.  This lesson is complete with voting ballots, a voting box, “I Voted” stickers, and an award for the winner!  Now you get two lessons in one!
  • NEW colored bulletin board letters
  • Six NEW turkey writing templates.  Have students write about their disguised turkey.

Election Day Kindergarten

Overall, I hope this post has inspired you to try this Disguise a Turkey lesson with your students!

This resource may be purchased on my TPT Store, Etsy, or my Kindergarten Korner Shop Site!

It is sold separately or as part of a Thanksgiving MEGA Bundle!

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