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Really Good Stuff has been my go to for classroom organization for years.  If you share my love of colorful plastic storage, then you’re in the right place!  In this post, I will share 5 of my favorite Really Good Stuff classroom organization pieces that I can’t live without in my kindergarten classroom…

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1. Paper Baskets

plastic baskets

Neon paper baskets are number 1 on the list.  I use these baskets around my classroom in many ways.  At my writing center as well as my math center, the baskets provide different options for my students.  I also have baskets for finished work and mail I need to pass out to the kids.

2.  Book & Binder Holders

really good stuff book bins

Sticking with my neon theme, I love these Book and Binder Holders.  They come in other colors as well.  You could use these as student book bins or for a Sub Tub.  I prefer to use the holders at my teacher work station to organize my materials by subject:  Math, ELA, STEAM, and Social Living.  They are well made and easily hold binders without falling over like some other bins I have used in the past.

3.  Stacking Bins

Next on the list are stacking bins.  I purchased my Really Good Stuff Stacking Bins eight years ago, and they still look brand new!   Prior to investing in these bins, I had bought dollar store storage that never lasted too long.  I use my stacking bins to organize my materials for centers.  The pink bins store fine motor materials.  Yellow bins are for math manipulatives.  Writing materials are located in the green bins, while art supplies are stored in the blue.  The purple bins hold STEAM materials.  My kids learn this system quickly.  When your students know where everything is, it helps your room run more efficiently.

4.  Picture Book Bins

During the 2020-2021 school year, my students were not able to share supplies as we have always done in the past.  I used these Picture Book Bins to create individual supply tubs for my kids, and they worked great!  The bins come with plastic dividers creating three sections.  We stored supplies in the front compartment, fine motor materials in the middle, and packets and journals in the back section.  These bins were a true life-saver during the most challenging school year.  Keeping everything so organized helped immensely!

picture book bins


classroom organization


5.  Wooden Desk Organization


really good stuff

If you haven’t seen Really Good Stuff’s wooden desk organization pieces, you need to check these out!  They are sturdy and show off all the colorful things.  The Wire and Wood Post-It Holder is one of my favorite pieces along with the Wire and Wood Small Desk Organizer.

6.  Magnetic Bookshelf

Magnetic Book Shelves

Last on the list is one of my favorites – this Magnetic Book Bridge Shelf.  This classroom organizational piece is a total game changer!  Display all your read-alouds for the week on this sturdy shelf.  I was surprised to see how much this can actually hold.  It even supports my heavy teacher manuals!


Above all, I hope that this post has provided some organization inspiration.  Investing in quality classroom storage and organizational solutions is worth it!  It will help your classroom run like a well-oiled machine by having a place for everything.

You can save 10% on your entire Really Good Stuff Classroom Organization order with code KORNER10

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