My Home Office Bulletin Board: PinPix by Art to Frames

If you follow my blog, you know that I love a good bulletin board in the classroom!  This summer, I wanted to create a bulletin board in my home office that would serve as a vision board for my business.  I’m hoping that having a visual to-do list hanging in my space will help me stay organized and focused.  In this post, I will share an honest review of the PinPix Bulletin Board by Art to Frames.

~This is a sponsored post, but the opinions presented are all my own.

Art to Frames

What makes the PinPix Bulletin Board Unique?

The PinPix decorative bulletin board is made with a top printed canvas as well as high quality made in America frames.  Art to Frames offers a variety of high quality prints for you to choose from.  What I love most about the board is that it allows for a healing effect, which helps to minimize the holes after replacing the pins.  How amazing is that?!  I know as a teacher the holes in my boards bother me.  Art to Frames has provided a solution!

Vision Board


PinPix replaces the old-school cork boards of the past, and it’s the first customizable bulletin board on the market.  There are hundreds of designs to choose from as well as the ability to upload your own content.  The gallery collection features hundreds of designs including colorful patterns, maps, calendars, and quotes. Dozens of frames options are offered, too.  The plethora of options allows you to create a board exactly as you envision it.

How to Customize Your Home Office Bulletin Board

Art to Frames has streamlined the ordering process.  Here’s how to customize your home office bulletin board…

  1.  Head to Art to Frames.  Select the Bulletin Board option under Home Décor. Bulletin Board
  2. You can choose from the boards available or create your custom board.
  3. To create a custom board, you’ll then select your size, frame, and pattern.

Home Office Bulletin Board

That’s it.  Easy as 1, 2, 3!


My PixPix Order

My order shipped on time.  I received an email with the tracking.  The board was packaged perfectly ready to hang and included free push pins so I could get started right away!

bulletin board

Creating my Business Vision Board

I printed my logo on clear shipping label, and added “my why” to the center of my vision board.  I then divided the space into the different aspects of my business.  The PinPix pushpins were perfect for hanging sticky notes in each section.  I love that when I remove the notes, I won’t see any holes at all!  Now that I have it organized on the bulletin board, I can easily add my business goals!

Business Vision Board


I highly recommend the PinPix Bulletin Board by Art to Frames.  It’s working well in my home office, and I would also recommend using these boards in the classroom or kids’ bedrooms.  Thank you, Art to Frames, for creating a high quality product that can serve so many purposes.

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