Have some fun in your classroom this December by creating an Ugly Sweater Bulletin Board!  In this post, I’ll tell you more about this festive holiday resource that can be used in any grade level!

Ugly Sweater Bulletin Board & Contest

My new Ugly Sweater Bulletin Board & Contest Resource includes everything you need for a friendly competition that makes an adorable holiday display!  Here’s what you get:

  • A parent letter (if you wish to assign this as a family homework project like I do)
  • 10 Festive Sweater Templates
  • Differentiated Persuasive Writing Templates
  • Bulletin Board Lettering as pictured
  • Voting Numbers
  • Voting Ballots and Voting Stickers
  • An Award Certificate

Teacher Tips for Creating Your Ugly Sweater Display

First, you’ll print off the parent letter and templates.  I print a bunch of each template and allow the kids to choose the one they want to decorate.  I staple the parent letter on top, and send the activity home.  The kids get to share their finished project with the class when they return it.  I complete the writing portion with my students in small groups.  We cut out both sweaters and staple the decorated sweater on top of the writing to create a flip craft.

Next, cut out your lettering and hang it at the top of your board.

Ugly Sweater Bulletin Board

Ugly Sweater Bulletin Board

Use yarn or a clothesline to hang your sweaters with clothespins.

Ugly Sweater Competition

Attach the voting numbers with sticky tac so that it doesn’t ruin the sweater.

Then, have students and teachers vote on the ugliest sweater using the included voting ballots.  You can also print the “I Voted” stickers onto a full sheet of labels.

Last, present the award to the student who created the ugliest sweater!

Here’s how our Ugly Sweater board turned out…

Ugly Sweater Bulletin Board

Ugly Sweaters in Action

Check out this Ugly Sweater bulletin board styled by Heidi H. on Etsy.   I love how she added the bitmojis!

If you create this board, I would love to feature you.  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey or email me at casey@kindergartenkorner.com.


Are you ready to create ugly sweaters with your students?  Head to my TPT Store to snag this Ugly Sweater resource! 

You can also shop on Etsy or my Kindergarten Korner Shop Site.


May your sweaters be ugly and bright!  Happy Holidays!


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