Class Books

Do you create class books with your kids?  It’s one of my students’ favorite activities.  In this post, I’ll share 5 things I love about creating our own books in kindergarten!

1.  Class Books Give Students a Sense of Ownership

I always tell the kids that these books are my absolute favorite because THEY are the authors and illustrators.  The kids take so much pride in this, and it gives them a sense of ownership.

2.  Creating the Books Gets Students Excited About Writing

Writing doesn’t always come easily for many students.  Sometimes those who struggle become reluctant to try to put words on paper.  Since I have started creating class books, I have witnessed the excitement in even my most hesitant writers.  This is writing they actually WANT to do!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom bulletin board

3.  The Books Ignite a Spark in Emerging Readers

In addition to getting the kids excited to write, they are equally eager to read their creations.  The texts are intentionally repetitive to help emerging readers learn to recognize the patterns in the text.  My kindergarteners sound so proud of themselves reading their work!

4.  The Pages Reflect Diversity

I love that each page in the book is unique just like the children who create the books.  Some of the books teach about diversity and different traditions celebrated by the students and their families, which is a wonderful learning opportunity for all.

Family Tradition Class Book

5.  The Kids Won’t Put Them Down!

When I have early finishers, they have the option to visit our classroom library to read a book.  Our class books are always the first books chosen.  The kids cannot get enough of them!

Creating Your Class Books is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1.  Print the included book cover and writing page.
  2.  Have each student complete a page.
  3.  Place the pages in sheet protectors and into a binder.  Slide the cover into the clear window, and place the book in your classroom library!


Are you ready to try creating class books with your students?  You can find my books sold separately or as part of a CLASS BOOKS GROWING BUNDLE in my TPT Store.  Currently, the bundle includes 8 books.  As more are added, the price will go up.  Purchase at the current price, and you’ll receive free updates for life!

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