Wally Koally Class Mascot


Meet the Class Mascot, Wally Koally!

I am beyond excited to share my first children’s book with you!  The Adventures of Wally Koally was inspired by my favorite stuffed animal from my childhood – Wally Koally. Years ago, I started using Wally as our Kindergarten Class Mascot.   It became one of those things my students remembered about their kindergarten year.

In addition to making fun memories, I saw that Wally Koally ignited a spark in even my most reluctant writers!  I was amazed to see how many pages my kids filled about their adventures with my old koala bear.  I knew I wanted to create a children’s book to share with teachers and parents so that others could start the tradition in their classrooms or homes.   And so, The Adventures of Wally Koally was born!

Beginning The Class Mascot Tradition

I have designed a book companion resource to accompany the book.  My Wally Koally Class Mascot Journal Writing Resource can be found in my TPT Store.  It has everything you’ll need to start this tradition in your own classroom or home.  Here’s what’s included:

  • The Adventures of Wally Koally eBook (valued at $3.99) – Share the story of Wally Koally with your students on your screen as you read aloud the pages. You may also purchase the paperback edition of the book on Amazon to send home with the koala bear.  I like to send home the paperback version home with students along with the koala and journal.

Wally Koally eBook

  • Teacher Tips with step-by-step directions on how to use this class mascot – I have also included tips for how to use a class mascot during a pandemic to prevent the spread of germs.
  • A Journal Cover: Print out and place in the front clear window of a binder.
  • Parent letter options that explain the activity

  • Journal Paper Choices for students as well as their parents to write about the adventures Wally has with their families

  • A paper version of Wally – If you are concerned about sending home the stuffed animal right now, you can print this version instead and send it home (just like a “Flat Me”).

Wally Koally Paper Mascot

  • A printable name jar tag with Wally’s picture

The Perfect Koala Bear Class Mascot

I ordered the koala bear show below on Amazon (affiliate link) to use as our Wally Koally.  You can use any koala bear, but I chose this one because it is washable.

Wally Koally

Most years, I have sent home the stuffed animal koala bear.  However, I decided to use the paper version of Wally this school year to prevent the spread of germs.  I wasn’t sure how this version would go over, but my kids are LOVING it.  Some kids draw illustrations of their adventures, and others have taken the cutest pictures with the paper koala!


I hope that Wally Koally brings joy to your classroom or home and ignites a spark in your emerging writers like he has with mine.  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey with your Wally Koally adventures!


Purchase your copy of The Adventures of Wally Koally on Amazon.


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ebook, and journal writing resource in my TPT Store!

Wally Koally Class Mascot