If you’re on the hunt for Free Kindergarten Resources, this post is for you.  Here’s a little sneak peek of the first round of freebies included in my new FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY!

Kindergarten Freebies


As a busy teacher-mom, I know first hand how hard it is to juggle all the things.  I created this Free Resource Library to help teachers like YOU!  I hope that these resources can help alleviate some of the stress of another hard school year.  Here are 15 freebies to get you started…

1.  How-to Writing Mini-books Freebie

This How-to Mini-book Freebie is perfect for introducing sequence and procedural writing using the terms “first, next, then, and last.”  Two versions are included.  Use throughout the year with your beginner writers in kindergarten or first grade.

If you are looking for more procedural writing resources, check out my How-to / Procedural Writing Unit.

2.  Number of the Day Freebie

The Number of the Day is a great way to teach number decomposition in kindergarten or first grade.  This freebie includes one number decomposition page from my Number of the Day Activity Book, which includes numbers 1 to 100.

Number Composition

Directions: Students write the number of tens and ones and color the corresponding blocks to match.  They can use a highlighter, crayon, or marker to color the tens rods and ones cubes to match the number.  Next, they write an addition and subtraction number sentence.  Last, students may refer to a hundreds chart to complete the grid showing one more, one less, ten less, and ten more.

3.  Uppercase Letter Assessment Freebie

This Uppercase Letter Recognition Assessment Freebie includes a sample of one of the virtual assessments available in my Kindergarten Assessments Bundle.  You may use this in-person or use the color-coded version to assess students virtually.

4.  Number Formation Printable Freebie

Use this Number Formation Freebie as handouts, posters, or traceable sheets!  In the classroom, this is a great tool to have at your math center for number writing practice all year long.  It also works well for distance learning or homeschooling students.  You can turn this into a “Write & Wipe” activity by laminating the page or placing it in a sheet protector.  Have your students use dry-erase markers to practice number formation again and again!

5.  Letter Formation Printable Freebie

This Letter Formation Freebie may be used as handouts, posters, or traceable sheets.  Six formats are included for you to choose from.  In the classroom, this is a great tool to have at your writing center for handwriting practice all year long.  It also works well for distance learning or homeschooling students.  You can turn this into a “Write & Wipe” activity by laminating the page or placing it in a sheet protector.  Have your students use dry-erase markers to practice letter formation again and again!

6.  Thank You Editable Notes Freebie

Looking for clean and simple Thank You Notes for Teacher Appreciation Week or any occasion? This file includes 2 styles of editable thank you notes in different fonts. Simply add your own text and print!

7.  Fine Motor Assessment Freebie

This “I Can Copy Shapes” Freebie is one of the assessments included in my Fine motor Assessments Package.  This is a great tool to use as a benchmark assessment for fine motor development. I like to administer this assessment three times a year.  It is amazing to see the growth in my students from the beginning to the end of the year!

8.  Uppercase Letter Flash Cards Freebie

This Uppercase Letters Flash Cards Freebie is one of the sets included in my Flash Cards Bundle.

Here are some ideas for using these flash cards:

  • Send a set home for students to review uppercase letter recognition.
  • Flip through the cards to assess students on which uppercase letters they know.
  • Place letters in a pocket chart in random order to practice letter identification with your students.
  • Laminate a set. Have students trace over the letters to practice handwriting.

9.  Birthday Cards and Crowns Freebie

This Birthday Cards and Crown FREEBIE is all you need to make birthdays special in your classroom.

Here’s how I use this resource in my Kindergarten:

  • Copy a stack of birthday cards double-sided, fold the cards in half, and keep them on hand in a basket. I always make sure I have enough for the month copied.
  • When students come in, they create birthday cards for the birthday student for morning work.
  • I give a plastic bag to the birthday student to collect the cards.
  • While the class is making cards, the birthday student may cut out color the crown. Add a sentence strip for a headband.
  • After the kids are done with the cards, we sing “Happy Birthday” and do the Kidz Bop Birthday Dance.

10.  Spring Journal Writing Prompt Freebie

This Spring Writing Prompt Freebie is perfect for emerging writers in kindergarten and first grade.  Have your students complete the first sentence.  Then, encourage the children to write a second and even a third sentence if they can.

The Writing Checklist is helpful for keeping your learners on track!

This FREEBIE is one of the pages you can find in my March monthly journal package.  If you like this freebie, you might also like my Writing Journal Bundle for the Entire Year!

My Monthly Journals have been featured in the TPT Blog.  They have helped so many kindergarten and first grade teachers around the world to make writing fun, engaging, and no prep for the teacher!  You can read more on my website about how I use these journals in the classroom.

11.  Chinese New Year Lantern Freebie

Celebrate Lunar New Year by having your students create these lanterns.  Simply print, fold in half, and cut on the lines.  Add a handle and have a parade around your classroom!

12.  Apple Bulletin Board Letters Freebie

This Apple Bulletin Board Lettering Freebie includes the lettering shown to spell “We Like Apples!”  Please note that the Apple Craft is sold separately.  This lettering is perfect for completing your apple display!

13.  Valentine’s Day Editable Heart Holder Freebie

This Valentine’s Day Editable Heart Holder is the perfect printable holder for your students to collect their valentines.  I use these heart holders each year in lieu of creating bags or boxes.  Parents love it because it’s one less thing they have to do, and the kids have so much fun creating them.  This free template includes editable hearts.  Simply type your students’ names, print onto colored card stock, and have your students decorate.

14.  100th Day Gumball Machine Freebie

Celebrate the 100th Day by having your students create gumball machines with 100 dots using dot art.  Print the template of your choice, and let your students do the rest!  Wording is included for the “100th Day of Kindergarten” and the “100th Day of School.”  Happy 100th Day!

15.  St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap Freebie

This St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap Freebie includes NO PREP printable templates for your students to create leprechaun traps in an instant!  Simply print onto green card stock, have your students color, and staple into a cylinder.  Attach the Free Gold sign and set the traps out the night before St. Patrick’s Day to see if you can catch a leprechaun!

This activity goes great with my How to Catch a Leprechaun Bulletin Board Bundle!

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Kindergarten Freebies

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