Celebrating birthdays in the classroom is one of the things your students will remember about their school year.  In this blog post, I’ll share how we celebrate birthdays in my own kindergarten classroom – and it doesn’t cost a dime!   

Creating Birthday Cards

When my students come into the classroom on the day of a birthday, they work on creating birthday cards during morning work time.  We always ask the birthday students to tell us their favorite colors.  The class colors the front and back.  On the inside of the cards, they write the birthday student’s name, trace the message, and sign their names at the bottom.

Printable Free Birthday Cards

Free Birthday Crowns

While the class is working on their birthday cards, the birthday student may cut out and color the birthday crown.  Use a sentence strip or large band of construction paper to assemble the crown.

Free Birthday Crowns Kindergarten Pre-K

You can also print the colored version to use in lieu of the black and white shown above.  If a student opts for this version, the birthday friend can have iPad or coloring time while the class works on the cards.Printable Birthday Crown Freebie

The Birthday Celebration

I collect all the cards and send them home with the birthday student.  Then, it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday.”  Last, we do the Kidz Bop “It’s Your Birthday Dance.”  My kids love it!  They’ve gotten really good at it with all of the birthday celebrations this year!


Grab the Birthday Freebie

I hope that this post has given you some ideas for celebrating birthdays in the classroom!  If you would like a copy of my birthday crowns and the double-sided birthday cards, head to my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY.  Once you sign up, you’ll have access to this Freebie and more!

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