Number of the Day resource

This Number of the Day Routine has added so much meaningful math to our day.   In this post, I’ll share 3 benefits from incorporating this simple ritual into your calendar math time.

1.  The Perfect Way to Introduce Place Value

Students learn to decompose numbers into tens and ones.  First, they break down the number down into the tens and ones column.  Next, students color the corresponding place value rods and cubes to match.

2.  Teaches the Concepts of Number Sentences / Equations

In addition to teaching place value, the Number of the Day worksheets help students to understand the concepts of number sentences.  Students create one addition and one subtraction equation.


Teaching Number Decomposition

3.  Students Learn to Use a Hundreds Chart

The Number of the Day worksheets also focus on using a hundreds chart to add and subtract one and ten to the daily number.


The resource includes the following:

  • 100 pages of Number Decomposition practice for numbers 1 through 100
  • A Hundreds Chart
  • Tally Marks page for counting up to 100 tally marks
  • A Ten Frames page for counting up to 100
  • 3 Choices of Book Covers if you wish to combine the pages into a book


Ideas for using the Number of the Day in your classroom

There are so many ways you can use The Number of the Day resource in your kindergarten or first grade classroom.

Number of the Day


Here are some ideas:

•Use one of the included covers and make the pages into a book. Include the bonus tally marks, ten frames, and hundreds chart pages!

•Use the pages as individual worksheets.

•Place the pages at your Math Center.

•You can make your number match the school days you are on leading up to the 100th day. (It doesn’t have to match the school day though – Use the pages any way you like!)

•In Kindergarten, students must be able to decompose numbers up to 20 into tens and ones by the end of the year. You could make a book of only numbers 1 to 20 and use student work to assess this standard.


Directions for the Printable

Students write how many tens and ones and color the corresponding blocks to match. Next, they write an addition and subtraction equation. Last, students use a hundreds chart to complete the grid showing one more, one less, ten less, and ten more. This lesson goes perfectly with my DIGITAL CALENDAR and my PLACE VALUE POSTER!


Try a Freebie

Try a free daily number printable when you join the Free Resource Library!Number Composition


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