Math Journals for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Math Journals have been a game changer in my classroom!  I created these monthly math books when we were teaching remotely, and they worked really well online.  When we transitioned back into the classroom, I knew that the math journals would continue to be an effective teaching tool.  In this post, I will explain everything you need to know about Math Journals for Kindergarten, what’s included, and how to incorporate them into your daily math practice.

Kindergarten Math Journals

beginning of the year kindergarten math

My Kindergarten Math Journals are sold either individually by month or as part of a bundle for the entire kindergarten year.  Each month includes a journal cover plus 20 practice pages. Pages include number sense activities as well as a variety of mathematical concepts rotated throughout each journal.  Complete a page a day, and you’ve got math for the entire month.

The Benefits of Using Math Journals

Here’s what I love about using Kindergarten Math Journals…

Meaningful Math Everyday

I teach two half-day kindergarten sessions, and running out of time is my greatest challenge.  The kindergarten day flies by – especially at the beginning of the year.  Some days, we simply run out of time to get in a full Math Workshop.  Having the journals on hand ensures that my students will work on math skills every single day!

Math for the Month is Prepped in Minutes!

Say goodbye to making daily copies.  I print the journals at the end of the previous month.  Set the copier to double-staple, and your math packets are done.   In addition to the journals, we still do a lot of hands-on investigations.  However, the journals are the only paper copies I need for the month.

The Perfect Sub Plans

If you’re a teacher-mom or dad, you never know when you need to take a sick day!  Having these journals on hand makes for the easiest sub plans ever.  In my emergency sub plans, I simply write, “Please distribute Math Journals, and complete one page together.”

How to Use Math Journals

Kindergarten teachers around the world are using these math journals in a variety of ways.  How you decide to incorporate them into your day is entirely up to you!  Some teachers like to use them for morning work.  Others have used them for math centers, math workshop, small groups, homework, homeschooling, and more.  The possibilities are endless!

I hope this post has inspired you to give my Math Journals for Kindergarten a try this school year.  You’ll be so glad you did!

Sold as a Yearly Bundle or as Individual Months

The Math Journals are sold as a bundle for the entire year OR by month.  If you just want a single month, click on the individual monthly link to purchase one month at a time.


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