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Last school year, my librarian told me about an app called Novel Effect that she had tried with my kindergarten students.  She said that she had never seen the kids so excited and engaged during a read-aloud before.  I had to test it out for myself, and it was love at first try!  As I read The Good Egg to my kindergarteners, I saw their eyes light up.  The sweet sound of five-year-old giggles filled the room.  The best part was that all my students were on-task, listening, and sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next sound effect as I read the story.  You see, Novel Effect isn’t only magical for kids – it’s magical for teachers, too!

In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about the Novel Effect app as well as ideas for using it in your own classroom.Teaching with Novel Effect

What is Novel Effect?

The Novel Effect app literally brings stories to life.  As you read, it follows along playing interactive music and sound effects that match what is happening in the story.   The Novel Effect library is constantly growing with classic literature, new releases, graphic novels, diverse reads, non-fiction, and more.  You’ll be amazed to see how many of the books you already own are available on the Novel Effect App!

Novel Effect Selection


4 Ideas for Using the Novel Effect App in the Classroom

The possibilities for using Novel Effect in the classroom are endless.  This app is a teacher’s dream come true.  Here are four ideas for how you can use Novel Effect to enhance your regular story time…

1.   Take Story Time to the Next Level

All you need is a device and a book to get started.  I typically sit in my rocking chair as I read and place my iPad right next to me with the volume all the way up.  You’ll simply press play and begin reading aloud.  The music and sound effects will play as you read the entire text.

Rocking Chair for Kindergarten

Following your read aloud, take advantage of the Free Novel Effect Book Activities and Learning Resources.  On the website, you’ll find book companion activities and print-and-go worksheets right at your fingertips!

Novel Effect Free Resources

2.  Give students a turn to read

Depending on the grade you teach, you can get your students involved in the interactive story telling.  To do this in Kindergarten, I would start with an age-appropriate text such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  This story contains predictable text that many of my students already know.  You could call students up individually or in small groups to read a line.  You could also display the text on your projector and have the kids all read together.

3.  Host a Reader’s Theater

If you’re not familiar with Reader’s Theater, it is a fun and engaging strategy aimed at developing oral reading fluency.  Students work in groups reading parts of the text in scripts.  Students do not have to memorize their parts.  Instead, they read and reread it multiple times, which helps strengthen their fluency.   I can’t think of a more perfect tool than Novel Effect to use with Reader’s Theater.  Teachers can break students into groups assigning each group a different text.  The groups would practice reading their parts all week with a performance on Friday accompanied by Novel Effect sound effects and music.

4.  Provide Enrichment for Higher Level Students

As educators, we are always looking for ways to keep our higher-level learners engaged.  Novel Effect provides a platform for advanced readers to read to their classmates.  You could select a more challenging read-aloud and have a guest student reader take over for story-time one day.  This provides an enrichment opportunity to those students who crave a challenge.  It also benefits the class as they listen to a fluent peer.


Is Novel Effect Just for Teachers?

Absolutely not!  While the app is indeed a game-changer for educators, parents can use the app at home with their children.  I have been using Novel Effect with my son all summer long, and he can’t wait for story time!


How to Get Started

Getting started with Novel Effect is easy.  Head to http://www.noveleffect.com or download the Novel Effect app, and select “subscribe today.”  Signing up takes a few minutes and then you’re ready to dive in!  You simply choose your story, read aloud, and let Novel Effect bring the story to life.  Listen to the interactive music and sound effects that respond to your voice like magic!  You can even connect your device to a blue tooth speaker to further enhance your experience.

Teachers who subscribe get SUMMERS FREE and 20 percent off.  Mention Novel Effect to your administration!  Plans are available to fit classrooms, schools, and districts of all sizes.

So are you ready to give Novel Effect a try?  CLICK HERE to get started.  I know you’ll love it!


I would love to hear about how Novel Effect is working for you in the classroom with your students or at home with your own children.  Comment below!

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