Ready or not – the beginning of the school year is fast approaching.  You’re probably busy getting all the things ready, checking off one item at a time on the never-ending to-do list.  I wanted to help by sharing a few new freebies and lesson plan ideas that can be used for the first day of Kindergarten.  Without further ado, here are my first day of kindergarten lesson plans along with some freebies just for you!

First Day of Kindergarten Crowns

First Day of Kindergarten Crowns

My kindergarteners love making crowns.  This resource, available in the Free Resources Library, comes with a color and black and white version.  I simply print the black and white version, and have the students color these when they come in.  Because I don’t know their cutting abilities on the first day, I precut the crowns for them.  When they are done coloring, I use a sentence strip or long strip of construction paper to make a headband.  Then, I staple the band to fit each child’s head.  These would make for the cutest first group photo for the school year!

Kissing Hand Keepsake Poem

After we make our crowns and do a little icebreaker, I read The Kissing Hand.  I have used this book as my first day of kindergarten read-aloud since I started teaching, and I still love it.  Students are able to relate to Chester the Raccoon, who is struggling with separation anxiety and some first day jitters.  I created this Kissing Hand Freebie to send home on the first day.  This free resource is also available in my Kindergarten Korner Free Resources Library!

Kissing Hand Freebie

Following story time, I call each student over to stamp their handprint on the poem.  I prefer to use jumbo stamp pads because they dry so quickly.

Handwriting and Number Writing Practice Pages

While I am busy stamping handprints, I need to keep the other children busy!  Any one of the freebies below would be perfect handwriting practice for the first day.  All three are from our Free Resources Library as well.  Simply print these pages and use as worksheets, OR place them inside dry erase pockets to create a Write and Wipe center.

Letter Tracing Pages

Kindergarten Bear Hunt

Next, it’s time to get moving!  My Kindergarten Bear Hunt, available in my TPT Store, is the perfect way to acquaint students with places and faces they will see throughout the school year.  Students must listen to the clues to find the missing teddy bears around the building.  The final clue leads to the playground for a much-need first day recess! 

School Scavenger Hunt

First Day of Kindergarten Lesson Plans Recap

Let’s review the First Day of Kindergarten Lesson Plans.  First, students made first day crowns and did an icebreaker.  Next, we read The Kissing Hand and made a keepsake craft while working on handwriting.  Then, we went on a Bear Hunt Scavenger Hunt that ended with recess. 

If you are able to get through those things, you will most likely not have much time left.  Plus, you’ll be ready for a nap and so will the kids. The first day always flies by!  If there is any additional time left, I would go over classroom expectations and give the students time to explore fine motor materials or other areas in the classroom. 

The best advice I could give to a new kindergarten teacher is to not over-plan because I rarely get to everything in my lesson plans, especially at the beginning of the year.  Give yourself grace and enjoy those sweet kids because that’s what it’s all about!

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