Number Line


Try this teacher hack to take math class to the next level!  In this blog post, I’ll share tips for how to create a life-size floor number line for your classroom…

1. Begin with a Beam or Piece of Wood

Classroom Number Line

For this DIY classroom project, I repurposed my daughter’s old balance beam.  See what you have around the house or your classroom.  A piece of wood would work great as well.  You could also opt to skip this step and attach numbers right to the floor.  I prefer to have the raised option that the beam or wood provides because the kids have so much fun balancing on it!

2. Attach Duct Tape to Make Lines

Interactive Number Line

Once you have your beam or wood, you’ll need duct tape to create your lines.  I purchased this pink duct tape from Amazon.  I like how the bright tape stands out and provides a nice contrast from the blue beam.

3.  Add the Numbers

Number Line for the Floor

The final step is to add your numbers.  I created these Circle Neon Numbers that I use for many things in my classroom.  I laminated an extra set for this project and used a dab of hot glue to attach them to the pink tape.

Using Your Life-Size Floor Number Line

Interactive Kindergarten Math

Now you’re ready to use your number line.  In the beginning of the year, I recommend using it for number identification, counting, and teaching one more and one less.  Later on in the year, it is the perfect math tool to use for teaching addition and subtraction.  Your students will love walking and balancing as they solve math problems!

I hope this post has given you some DIY teacher inspiration.  For more ideas, visit the Kindergarten Korner Blog!