Color Words Bulletin Board

My Color Word Wall is a purposeful part of my classroom décor.  Students use this color words display often when they want to spell or write a color word.  I teach the kids early on in the year how to use the environmental print in the classroom in their daily writing.  In this post, I will share how to create your own color words bulletin board in minutes!

Prepping Your Color Words Bulletin Board

Once you purchase and download this resource, simply print the pages onto white card stock.  Next, laminate the pages if you wish and cut out your crayons.

Displaying Your Color Word Wall

I chose to display my color words on the long board shown here.  This board is along the windows of my classroom.  It’s in the center of all my tables so that all they kids should be able to see it from their seats.  However, if students need to use the wall in their writing, they are allowed to get out of their seats and move closer to copy the word.

I added this Rainbow Tassel Border from Carson Dellosa Education to create the perfect frame for the color crayons.  Save 15% with the promo code CASEY2022.

Teacher Tips for Using Your Color Word Wall

The possibilities are endless for how you can incorporate teaching color words to your emerging readers and writers.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use these All About Me books to teach students how to reference the color words in their writing.  Using this book at the beginning of the year, students write the color words for their hair, eyes, and house.

Beginning of the Year Kindergarten Writing

2.  You could also make an extra set of crayons and add them into your sight words.  Review daily during carpet time.

Color Crayons Printable Set

Have your students Write the Room.  Remind them they can use the environmental print that is all around them!


Are you ready to create this display in your own classroom?  CLICK HERE to find this resource in my TPT Store!

NEW Extra Large JUMBO Crayons Color Word Wall

Upon request, I have create a New Jumbo Crayons Color Word Wall.  These crayons are about 17 inches long, and they look AMAZING!  CLICK HERE to learn more.


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