Kindergarten Flash Cards

Are you on the hunt for Kindergarten Flash Cards for alphabet letters, numbers, and shapes?  You’ve come to the right place.  In this post, I’ll show you what is included in my Flash Cards Bundle.  This resource includes flash card sets students can use at home and in the classroom all year long.  Let’s take a look…

Uppercase Alphabet Letter Flash Cards

Uppercase Letter Flash Cards

First, let’s begin with this set of cards for uppercase letters that features the lowercase alphabet in an easy-to-read print style font.  Letters print six per page.  Simply copy onto card stock and cut apart.

Lowercase Alphabet Letters Flash Cards

lowercase letter flashcards

Next, the lowercase version is another purposeful resource in this bundle.  Letters come in the same font as above.  A letter mat is included, which shows the uppercase and lowercase letters together.

Paired Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Cards

Letter Flash Cards

This set includes the uppercase and lowercase letters side by side.  This is helpful for those students just learning their letters!

Numbers Flash Cards

Number Flash Cards

In addition to learning letters, number sense is equally important in kindergarten.  Number recognition, especially numbers beyond ten, is challenging for many kindergarteners.  These flashcards will help students identify numbers 0 to 20.  You’ll also get a bonus number mat.

2D Shapes Flash Cards

2D Shapes Flash Cards

These 2D Shapes print and cut flash cards come in two formats – one with the names of the shapes and one without.  This resource comes with a color version as well.

3D Shapes Flash Cards

3D Shapes Flash Cards

Finally, the 3D Shapes Set is the last item included in the Kindergarten Flash Cards Bundle.  Choose from the version with the shape name or without it in color or black and white.

Using the Kindergarten Flash Cards in Your Classroom

Here are some ideas for how to use these cards in your own classroom:

  • Send a set home for students to practice letter recognition, letter sounds, numbers, and shapes.
  • Use letter cards in a pocket chart for word building.
  • Print two copies of any of the sets to create a memory game for centers.
  • Have students match uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Hole punch the number cards to create a fine motor center.  Students attach the correct number of links to match the number.

The possibilities are endless!  Try a Flash Cards FREEBIE when you join the Kindergarten Korner Free Resources Library!

Above all, I hope this post has provided some insight for how to use flash cards in your kindergarten classroom.  If you think these flash cards could be useful for you and your students, click here to view this resource in my TPT Store!


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