The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to start talking about kindness in the classroom!  I wanted to share a Kindness Crown FREEBIE with you to thank you for putting the “kind in KINDergarten” each and every day.  In this post, I’ll share how to use this free resource in your own kindergarten.  I’ll also provide additional kindness resources that make wonderful SEL lessons for young learners.

We Put the Kind in KINDergarten!

If you follow me, you may know that I released my first children’s book, We Put the Kind in KINDergarten, last school year.

We Put the Kind in KINDergarten

I shared the story with my students, and we made a list on chart paper of ways we can show kindness to our classmates.  From there, my students created a writing flip craft on how THEY could put the kind in KINDergarten themselves.

Kindergarten Kindness Craft

I displayed the craft with this bulletin board lettering.  This is a board you can leave up all year long!

Kind in KINDergarten

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Kindness Bulletin Board

Kindness Crown FREEBIE

After my students completed their writing flip crafts, I passed out the kindness crowns for them to color. 

Next, cut out the crown and attach a sentence strip for a headband.

Then, fit the crowns to the students’ heads.  Let them wear the crowns all day as a reminder to BE KIND!

Join the Free Resources Library!

Head to the Kindergarten Korner Free Resources Library to download your Kindness Crowns and gain access to our growing freebies collection!  Enjoy!

If you use this freebie in the classroom or if you create the We Put the Kind in KINDergarten bulletin board, please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey.  Seeing my products in action makes my teacher heart so happy!   Take a look at this board by Aly @morton4422.  She did a beautiful job using this Kindness Bulletin Board Display!  Thank you, Aly!


We Put the Kind in KINDergarten Teacher Tees

I am excited to share that you can now purchase your We Put the Kind in KINDergarten teacher tee (or sweatshirt).

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kindness teacher t-shirts