I love integrating the holidays into the curriculum.  In this post, I’ll share how to create fun, engaging, and hands-on Halloween Math Centers for Kindergarten.

Build It with Rainbow Pumpkin Ten Frames

My students love using these Rainbow Pumpkin Ten Frames to play different Halloween math games.  To prep this activity, simply print the rainbow pumpkins in color and laminate.  You’ll also print a few sets of the pumpkin numbered playing cards.

How to Play Build It:

  1.  First, we play a few practice games together.  Each student uses a ten frame mat.  I flip over a card and they have to fill the ten frame with chips, candy corn, or Halloween erasers.  When I flip over the next card, students have to decide if they add more counters or if they need to take some away.  You can challenge your higher level thinkers by asking, “How many more do I need to add/take away?”
  2. After students get the idea, I let them play as a small group or in partners.  They take turns flipping over the numbered cards while all players build the number shown in their ten frames.

This is great practice for number sense, one-to-one correspondence, subitizing, and using ten frames to add and subtract!

Fine Motor and Math Halloween Math Centers for Kindergarten

Using the same Rainbow Pumpkin Resource, you can create an instant fine motor and math center.  Print an extra set of numbered pumpkin cards.  Laminate the cards, hole punch the top, and add one link to start.

How to Play:

  1.  First, students work as a team to place the numbers in order.  I have my kids play this on the floor.  They line up the pumpkins from 1 to 10 on the edge of the carpet.
  2. Next, they use rainbow chain links to add the matching number to the number shown on the card.  For example, the five cards would have five links.

Halloween Math Centers

Are you ready to try Halloween Math Centers in your Kindergarten classroom.  CLICK HERE to view this resource in my TPT Store!