World Kindness Day is on November 13th.  It’s the perfect day to focus on teaching the importance of being kind in and out of the classroom.  In this post, I’ll share two of my favorite kindness activities for kindergarten plus a FREEBIE!

World Kindness Day Activities for Kindergarten

Be the Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

What a perfect message to spread on World Kindness Day!  This quote by Maya Angelou is a great conversation starter.  Begin by reading the quote to your students and asking them how they could be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. 

For example, you could say, “Let’s pretend a friend is having a bad day.  What could you do to make your friend feel better?”  Record responses on chart paper.

Next it’s time for the fun.  First, students will cut and color an editable cloud with their names.

Rainbow Kindness Craft

Next, the kids will color or paint a rainbow.  You can do this quickly with dot art or paint sticks.

World Kindness Day Craft

During centers, I pull students in small groups to help them complete the writing response.

World Kindness Day Writing

Once all the children have completed the writing, we assemble the craft.

You can display the finished pieces with the bulletin board letters as shown.

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We Put the Kind in KINDergarten

Next up, is another idea for World Kindness Day.  We Put the Kind in KINDergarten was made for this holiday!  Last school year, I published this children’s book to teach students the importance of kindness.

World Kindness Day books

First, share the book with your students.  Next, discuss what kindness looks like in the classroom.  Students may use examples from the book or their own ideas.  Record the students’ responses on chart paper.  

World Kindness Day Activities for Kindergarten

Then, it’s time for the craft.  Have your students cut out the top heart and write their names on the line. 

Kindness Writing Kindergarten

I collect these and then call students to my teacher table to create the writing flip craft in small groups.  I prefer to do this part with a small group so that I can assist the kids with the writing. 

Each student comes up with a way they can “put the kind in KINDergarten.”  Depending on each student’s writing ability, you can write the words for them or have them try to write a sentence.  Many kids may not be able to yet, and that is okay!

Last, we staple their two hearts together.  

Kindergarten Kindness Craft

Display the finished World Kindness Day crafts with the included bulletin board letters.

World Kindness Day bulletin board

You can purchase my We Put the Kind in KINDergarten Resource on TPT.  It is available on Etsy and my Shop Site as well!

You can learn more about We Put the Kind in KINDergarten HERE!


If you use either display in your classroom, I would love to see a pic!  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey.  Here’s an example of how this amazing board came out by @Morton4422…

Kindness Bulletin Board

World Kindness Day FREEBIE!

And now for the World Kindness Day FREEBIE you’ve been waiting for….These kindness crowns coordinate perfectly with the activity above. 

Kindness SEL lesson Kindergarten Freebie

A colored version is included along with a black and white printable crown.  Click HERE to join our Kindergarten Korner Free Resources Library.  When you join, you’ll receive an email containing a unique password to access this World Kindness Day Crown Freebie along with many other free printables to use throughout the school year.  Enjoy!

Kindness Teacher Tees

I am excited to share that you can now purchase your We Put the Kind in KINDergarten teacher t-shirt or sweatshirt just in time for World Kindness Day!  CLICK HERE to check it out.

kindness teacher t-shirts

I hope that this post has provided some inspiration for World Kindness Day Activities for Kindergarten.  Thank you for all you do to teach kindness in your classrooms each and every day!

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