Super Bowl Craft

Super Bowl Activities for Kindergarten

Whether your team is in the running or not, it’s always fun to integrate the Super Bowl into your learning in late January or early February.  In this post, I’ll share my favorite Super Bowl activities for Kindergarten which include opinion writing and graphing our predictions.

Super Bowl Opinion Writing

Since opinion writing is a standard now in kindergarten, I thought the Super Bowl would be a fun way to introduce this writing style.  Typically, I do this lesson during the week before the Super Bowl.  First, I ask the kids what the word ‘opinion’ means.  I explain that, unlike a fact, an opinion is what we think about a subject. 

Next, I ask the students if they know who is playing in the big game.  If they don’t know, we do a Google search together.  I display the team logos on my screen.  Then, I explain that they will write about our opinions about which team will win.  I always model an example, so I show them how to complete the writing and color the craft in the team’s colors.

From there, I distribute the football writing templates.  Most students are able to complete these on their own at this point in the year.  I will walk around the room as they write and offer assistance as needed.  

Super Bowl Craft


Super Bowl Math Activity

Before I collect the finished writing pieces and football player crafts, I have the students all bring their footballs up to the carpet.  I print out the logos for each team and line them up at the end of my carpet.  We make a life size bar graph.  Each student gets a turn to add their football above their team’s logo.  I take a picture, and we revisit the graph on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Assembling Your Super “Bowl-etin” Board

Super Bowl Bulletin Board

Simply print out the bulletin board letters and referree clip art, and display with the finished football writing and football player crafts!

Super Bowl bulletin board

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I hope this post has inspired you to try these Super Bowl activities for Kindergarten!  If you use this resource, I would LOVE to see how it turns out and feature your display.  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey.  


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