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With more and more families homeschooling, I have had several DMs from parents lately inquiring about using my resources as part of their kindergarten homeschooling curriculum.  While I originally designed my products for the classroom, I believe they can benefit students learning at home.  They can also help the homeschooling parents provide high-quality instruction that meets the kindergarten standards.

Designing the Kindergarten Homeschooling Curriculum Resources Bundle

With this in mind, I wanted to create a bundle of kindergarten homeschooling curriculum resources designed to support parents who make the decision to homeschool their kindergartener.  With 17 years of experience teaching kindergarten, I have had great success using these resources in the classroom and with my own children at home.  In this post, I’ll share the 23 products included in my new Kindergarten Homeschooling Resources Bundle.  (These resources are also sold individually if you prefer just one.)  


Kindergarten Readiness Binder

This resource was designed to not only prepare your student but also to support your learner throughout the entire kindergarten year. Nine units are included.  You can read more about this customizable learning tool HERE.

Kindergarten Assessments Binder 

Monitor your child’s learning success throughout the entire year with my Kindergarten Assessments Binder.   I call this my “Kindergarten Bible”  because I could not go a week without having this binder on hand.  This teacher tool features three sections for Math, ELA, and Writing and 125 assessments.  Each section includes a variety of virtual and in-person assessments aligned to the Kindergarten Standards.


Word Building Toolkit

World Building is an essential part of the kindergarten day. This toolkit includes directions and specific lessons to teach your student to decode and encode words.  Students learn to segment or tap out sounds to build and then write words.  Word building helps lay a great foundation for phonics skills.  I recommend using this resource 2 to 3 times per week.

Kindergarten Writing Journals 

My TPT best-selling Kindergarten Writing Journals include 9 months of writing at your fingertips…Watch your kindergartener’s writing grow throughout the year with this daily writing strategy.  Learn more about this essential writing resource HERE.

Kindergarten Math Journals

Similar to the writing journals, these kindergarten math journals include a page a day for nine months! The journals cover all the kindergarten math standards skills, and the kids love them!  CLICK HERE to learn more about my daily math journals.

Word Wall Bundle 

These word walls contain decodable words as well as sight words. You can set up the portable word wall in your homeschool classroom or place the cards on rings and use them to play games practicing sight words and decoding.  Click to learn more about word walls perfect for kindergarten!


Using the combination of these resources will help you teach your kindergartener to master the essential standards-aligned skills including reading, writing, math, and fine motor skills.

CLICK HERE to view the Kindergarten Homeschooling Resources Bundle

Kindergarten Homeschooling Free Resources

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Casey Stewart is a kindergarten teacher and founder of Kindergarten Korner.  She has 17 years of experience teaching in kindergarten, first, and second grade.   She created to inspire fellow educators and help guide parents and homeschooling families on their journey throughout the magical kindergarten experience.  Casey also has three kids of her own at home.  Learn more about her HERE.  

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