End of the Year Summer Craft for Kindergarten

Whether you’re looking for an end of the year craft for kindergarten or a fun summer craft to do with your kids at home, this scuba diver craft will not disappoint!  In this post, I’ll share the details on how to put this adorable craft together.

How to Create Your Summer End of the Year Craft

Step 1: Print and Write

End of the Year Summer Craft for Kindergarten

Simply print the boy and girl scuba diver templates.  Next, have your students or your children at home write about their plans for the summer.

Step 2: Color the Summer Craft

Summer Crafts for Kids

After the writing is complete, have the kids color the scuba diver to look like themselves.

Step 3:  Add the Flippers

Summer Crafts for Kids

The flippers are next.  Students color the flippers using markers or crayons.

Step 4:  Cut and Glue

Summer Craft for Kids

Once the kids are finished coloring, have them cut around the templates and glue the flippers to the bottom of the writing.

Step 5:  Display or Send Home!

Summer End of the Year Bulletin Boards

If you’re still in school, this makes for the perfect end of the year bulletin board.  You might be thinking, “I’m so done with bulletin boards!”  And that’s okay!  Simply send the crafts home with your students.  The kids and parents will love them!

This is also a wonderful craft and art project for summer school, summer rec camps, daycares, and homeschooling.

Purchasing this End of the Year Craft

You can shop this resource in my Kindergarten Korner Shop Site or in My TPT Store!

End of the Year Summer Craft

Happy Summer!


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