Summer Writing Journals for Kindergarten and First Grade

I used to send home a big summer packet with my kindergarteners at the end of each school year.  I learned that it was a huge waste of paper because only a handful of kids actually completed it.  A few years ago, I decided to condense it by sending home Summer Writing Journals.  In this post, I’ll share more about this print-and-go resource that will keep your kids writing over the break…

Summer Writing Journals

Writing is often the most challenging part of the kindergarten curriculum.  Our little learners come SO far in their writing over the course of the school year.  I decided to create these summer writing journals because I didn’t want my students to regress in the area of writing after all of their hard work.

Summer Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Using a similar format that I used to create my Monthly Writing Journals, I combined over 25 summer themed writing prompts.  Each page includes the Writing Checklist to keep students on track.  Students trace the writing prompt, complete the first sentence, and add supporting sentences along with an illustration.

Prepping Your Summer Writing Journals

You can prep your summer writing journals in no time!  First, you’ll choose your cover.  The resource includes 5 cover options.

Summer Writing journals

Next, you’ll add the included parent letter (that explains how students will use the journal at home) along with 25 pages of writing prompts.

Kindergarten Summer Writing Journals

Then, simply print, double-staple, and send the journals home with your students.  That’s it!

Summer Writing Incentive

Here’s one fun thing I have done to encourage students to complete their summer writing journals. Please note:  This is completely optional and only applies if you will be teaching at the same building next school year.   Before passing out the journals, I tell my students they can return the journal to me when they get to first grade for a small prize.  Since I started doing this, I have gotten so many completed journals back in the fall.  The kids are so proud of their writing, and they love it when their first grade teacher allows them to bring it to me down the hall!  I keep the prizes small – a sheet of stickers, stampers, or dollar store trinkets.  I take the time to read each page and write a note for them on the last page.  The kids and parents love it, and their first grade teachers have noticed a big improvement in their writing!

I hope this post has inspired you to try these journals with your soon-to-be first graders.  Happy Summer!


Casey Stewart is a kindergarten teacher and founder of Kindergarten Korner.  She has 17 years of experience teaching in kindergarten, first, and second grade.  She created to inspire fellow educators and help guide parents and homeschooling families on their journey throughout the magical kindergarten experience.  Casey also has three kids of her own at home.  Learn more about her HERE.  

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