The final days of the school year are upon us – thank goodness!  By this time of year, both students and teachers alike are ready to be done.  It can be challenging to keep students engaged and on-task right now, so it’s the perfect time to add some fun into the mix!  This End of the Year Countdown to Summer Bulletin Board not only provides the perfect aesthetic, but it also includes a fun way to count down the last days of the school year.

End of the Year Countdown to Summer Bulletin Board

This End of the Year Countdown to Summer Bulletin Board resource has everything you need to create a summer themed bulletin board in an instant.  Here’s what is included:

End of the Year Countdown

  • Countdown to Summer bulletin board letters
  • Bulletin Board summer accents
  • Swimming pool borders
  • 4″ Numbered Beach balls 1-20 to use for a countdown
  • Beach Ball Writing Flip Craft

Summer Bulletin Board

End of the Year Bulletin Board

Teacher Tips for Using this Resource and Creating Your Countdown

First, create your bulletin board as shown in the preview photo.  Next, print and laminate your numbered beach balls. You can start your countdown at Day 20, or Day 10 if you prefer a shorter countdown.  On the back of each beach ball, write a reward for your students. For example, “It’s Parachute Day!” or “It’s Chalk Day!”  Finally, print the beach ball writing flip craft and have your students color the beach ball on the outside and write about their summer plans.

End of the Year Countdown to Summer Bulletin Board

I hope this post has provided some end of the year inspo!  Enjoy your last weeks with your kids, and I hope you have the best summer yet.

If you’re looking for more activities for the last few weeks of school, check out this blog post that includes 7 End of the Year Ideas!

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