It’s almost May, and the school year is winding down.  If you’re like most teachers I know, you’re counting down the days until summer vacation.  It can be challenging to keep students engaged this time of year, so why not incorporate some fun into your learning during the last full month of school?!  In this post, I’ll share my favorite end of the year ideas for Kindergarten.

1.  Chain Link Countdown to Summer

First on the list is a chain link countdown to your last day.  In this photo, I had used some scraps I had left over from my bulletin board borders.  You can use colored paper or whatever you have on hand.  Each day during calendar time, I had a different student rip off a link.  We would turn this into a subtraction math problem.  For example you could say,  “Yesterday, we had 20 days left.  If we take away one more link, how many days do we have left now?”

You could take this one step further and write down a fun quick activity on the inside of the paper strip such as “Do 10 jumping jacks.”  I love using this chain link countdown because it’s simple and the kids absolutely love it!

2.  Beach Day

Next up is Beach Day.  This special day has become an annual tradition in my kindergarten.

I have students dress for the beach, and I plan a fun morning filled with beach yoga, relay races, hula hoop contests, and other outdoor activities.  You can read more about how to plan your own beach day HERE.

3.  Diving into Summer Craft

Continuing with the beach and summer theme, this Diving Into Summer Craft is perfect for the end of the year in kindergarten!

Different wording options are included.  Students write about what they will do in the summer or in the next grade level.  They color the scuba diver and assemble the craft.

4.  End of Year Memory Flip Books

Another end of the year writing project I love are these Memory Flip Books.  

This is a great way to have students reflect on the school year.  It also makes a great final bulletin board of the year!

5.  Graduation Craft

This Graduation Writing and Craft is also a nice option for the final weeks of school.  Have your students write about the best part of the year and color the graduate craft.  Please note:  The Class of Banner is sold separately.

6.  Graduation

If you’re planning a Kindergarten Graduation, I can help!  My Graduation Bundle includes everything you need to pull off an end of the year celebration to remember.  You’ll get everything from editable invitations, programs, and diplomas to bulletin board displays, crafts, and even a graduation script.

How to Plan a Kindergarten Graduation

If you’re interested in learning more, click HERE for more information on How to Plan Your Kindergarten Graduation.

7.  Summer Journals

Last on the list of end of the year ideas for kindergarten are my Summer Journals.   Simply print, staple into books, and send these home for your students to continue working on their writing over the summer.  I like to include a special note saying that they can return it to me when they get to first grade (if you’ll be at the same building, of course).  Most years, I get a handful of them back in August and I love reading them!

I hope this post has provided some end of the year inspiration.   If you try any of these ideas in your classroom, I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your last weeks with your students, and I wish you a restful and relaxing summer.  You’ve earned it!


Casey Stewart is a kindergarten teacher and founder of Kindergarten Korner.  She has 17 years of experience teaching in kindergarten, first, and second grade.  She created to inspire fellow educators and help guide parents and homeschooling families on their journey throughout the magical kindergarten experience.  Casey also has three kids of her own at home.  Learn more about her HERE.  

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