Alphabet Posters – Realistic Photographs Classroom Decor Kindergarten Pre-K 1st

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Your alphabet will look amazing with these realistic photograph alphabet posters! This purposeful classroom decor set will help students learn letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter formation as they associate the letters with real-life photos.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital resource for personal use, which you will print. No physical product will be shipped. Product is not editable due to copyright. The resource, or any parts of it, may not be resold in commercial products. Your purchase is for one classroom teacher only. Thank you.


  • 26 Alphabet Posters (8.5″x 11″) with a colorful watercolors border
  • 26 Alphabet Posters with a white border (no watercolors) to match any classroom decor or classroom color theme
  • Updated to include more picture cue options that align with SOR or any reading program!
  • PICTURE CUES The picture cues are listed below. Some letters have 2 or 3 options. Choose the one that fits your program the best!
    • A – apple
    • B – ball or bat
    • C – cat
    • D – dog
    • E – egg or echo (child with hands around mouth or child with megaphone) This could also be Ed is echoing.
    • F – fish, fun
    • G – gorilla, goat, game
    • H – hat
    • I – insect OR itchy / itchy
    • J – jar or jug or jump
    • K – kite
    • L – lion or lamp
    • M – milk or man
    • N – nut
    • O – octopus
    • P – pig or pan
    • Q – queen (2 pictures and options for Qq or Qu)
    • R – rabbit or rat
    • S – snake
    • T – turtle or top
    • U – umbrella or up
    • V – violin or van
    • W – watermelon or wind
    • X – xray or fox
    • Y – yo-yo or yellow
    • Z- zebra


This classroom decor package coordinates well with a rainbow classroom theme, a watercolors or brights classroom theme, OR any theme when you use the black and white version!



  • Print, cut, and laminate your alphabet pages. Display in a row above the main bulletin board in your class.
  • Optional: Print a second set, laminate, and use for center activities. Students can use Play-Doh to create the letters by rolling it and placing it on top of the letter shown.
  • You could also print an extra set to review letters and letter sounds with your students.
  • If you would like a smaller version, simply adjust your printer settings to 50 percent or your desired size.



Please note that I am unable to make customizations to this resource before or after your purchase. Please do not purchase it if you do not want it as it is shown. Thank you so much for understanding! I am always happy to hear your suggestions and feedback, but I cannot create products on demand. (I wish I had the time, and I would do anything for teachers!)



If you use this resource in your classroom, I would love to see a pic and feature you and your beautiful display. Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey or email me anytime



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