Spring Activities for Kindergarten or First Grade

Think Spring with Bulletin Board Writing and Craftivities!

Are you in search of meaningful spring activities for kindergarten or first grade?  Brighten up your classroom with these spring scenes that include all craft templates plus differentiated writing templates for writers in kindergarten, first, and second grade.  I like to have these displays in place for my Open House, which is typically in late April or early May.  I always get tons of compliments on these boards.  Not only do they showcase artistic talent, but they also show how far my students’ have come in the writing department!  


In this post, I will cover three of my favorite spring activities for kindergarten and first that make beautiful displays!  


Butterfly Word Families

Butterfly Word Families Bulletin Board

This  bundle has all you need to create the perfect spring or Open House Bulletin Board! The package includes 28 word families in 2 differentiated formats. Pages can also be printed onto Astrobrights and used as a rhyming literacy center! 

Students are given the word family. They must come up with four rhyming words, and write them inside the wings. Perfect for first or second grade or advanced kindergartners! 

Students are given the word family as well as a blank with the traceable word family inside each wing. They must come up with four rhyming words,. Then, they write the beginning letter and trace the remainder of the word. 

NO PREP- just print, and let the kids do the rest!

This activity is easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. To begin, use dot art or watercolors to decorate.
2. From there, cut out when dry.
3. After that, write rhyming words in pencil first.
4.  Lastly, trace in black sharpie once teacher checks work. 

3-D Tulips 

3D Tulips Bulletin Board


This Spring 3D Tulips Bulletin Board Bundle includes all you need to create a beautiful spring scene in your kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade classroom. 
Choose from 6 Differentiated Writing Templates to meet your emerging or advanced writers’ needs.
Both primary and regular lined writing templates are included. 

Teacher Tips for easy assembly are included as well.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bulletin Board


This April Showers Bulletin Board Set is one of my favorite displays.  The package includes craft templates (umbrella, raindrop, mini-tulips) along with differentiated writing templates.

Included are teacher tips for how to do a directed drawing on the blank raindrop.

This makes for one of the most colorful displays!  I typically have my students use dot art for the umbrellas.  We let them dry while we complete the raindrop directed drawing using crayons.  I call them to my teacher table in small groups to do a wash over their crayon with blue watercolors.  The kids LOVE this part!

Before we begin centers, I give directions and model how to assemble the mini-tulips, or the “May Flowers.” I begin working with my small groups to complete the raindrop writing that goes with the crafts.  As I am working with my writing groups, students are busy assembling the tulips.  You may also pair the raindrop portion of this craft with the large tulips from the 3-D Tulips Craftivity above.

You can find all of these displays in my BULLETIN BOARD BUNDLE CATEGORY IN MY TPT STORE !  Each set is sold individually, or you can save when you purchase them as part of my BULLETIN BOARD MEGA BUNDLE, which includes 10 months of amazing writing and craft displays! 

Happy Spring!