Recently, I posted a picture of my new portable word wall on my Instagram.  I received several messages from fellow teachers, so I thought I would blog about how switching from a traditional word wall to a portable version has been an absolute game-changer in my kindergarten classroom.


Here are 4 reasons why I made the switch to a portable word wall, and why you should too!

1.  It actually gets USED!

How many of you dedicate an entire bulletin board to the traditional word wall that your students rarely use?  This was me for 12 years as a kindergarten teacher!  Sure my wall looked pretty with colorful borders and the words organized in alphabetical order, but it wasn’t purposeful.  My students hardly even noticed the word wall.  What I love most about the portable version is that it is functional and actually serves its purpose!   My students are finally using the word wall as it is intended.

Portable Word Wall


2.   It’s a huge space-saver!

This word wall takes up only a fraction of the space that a traditional word wall requires leaving you more room to display student work, anchor charts, or whatever you like!  I chose to create an entire writing center with a Fundations alphabet and  Letter Formation posters above the bulletin board.

Another question I get a lot is, “What’s in the baskets?”  In the neon baskets from REALLY GOOD STUFF, I have activities from my FUN WITH WRITING BUNDLE as well as different versions of PRINTABLE PAPER that I switch throughout the year.  I also print out my NO PREP JOURNAL PROMPTS for the YEAR.  I use half of the prompts for a journal and the other half for my Writing Center.   Early finishers visit the writing center as an “I’m Through…What Can I Do?” activity.   I  use the writing center as one of my Work on Writing literacy stations as well.  My kinders enjoy having the portable word rings right at their fingertips when they go to write!


3.  It is hands-on and engaging!

It is no secret that kids love getting out of their seats for any reason.  The portability allows them that hands-on experience that they crave.  Using the word rings helps my students stay on-task as they are more engaged in their writing.

4.  The students LOVE it!

What better reason do you need?!!  I have never seen my students so immersed in the writing process before!  The portable word wall has ignited a spark in even my most reluctant writers.  My students are taking ownership of their writing.  They just love borrowing the word sets from the wall.

Are you ready to take the plunge to switch to a portable word wall?  I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s how to create your portable word wall:

Head to my TPT Store.  I have two different Word Wall Styles to choose from, and I actually use BOTH in my kindergarten classroom to meet the needs of all of my little learners!


A to Z Rainbow Word Wall

The A to Z Rainbow Portable Word Wall comes with Circle Letter Header Cards, 220 Dolch Words, PLUS I added bonus words that go under the letters q, x, and z (which are not found in the Dolch list).  My kids didn’t like that those letter headers did not have words underneath the header, so I added some!  This word wall style is perfect for your advanced readers in kindergarten and for all readers in first grade.


Word Families Word Wall

My Word Families Word Wall is just right for your emerging readers!  Read more about this WORD WALL THAT IS PERFECT FOR KINDERGARTEN here!Portable Word Wall

You can also purchase BOTH Word Wall Styles in my 


Portable Word Wall

Black and White A to Z Word Wall

Upon customer request, I added a Black and White A to Z Word Wall.  Leave black and white, or print onto your favorite color of paper to match your classroom there.  CLICK HERE to view this Word Wall.

Once you decide which word wall style you prefer:

  • Print, laminate, and cut your word wall
  • Sort the words into groups by alphabet (or Word Families if you purchase that set)
  • Hole Punch and Use 1.5″ Binder Rings to group the words together.
  • Hang circle letter cards with 3 M hooks underneath, and place the corresponding words below.  Make sure that you choose a location in your room where your students can easily reach the words.


I ordered three packs of these 3M clear wire hooks.  So far, they have held up great!

I ordered the 1.5 inch binder rings to group each set of cards by letter.


Do you use a Portable Word Wall?

I would love to hear more about how you use word walls in your classroom!