One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  I love all of the inspirational quotes in the text so much that I make this my theme for the entire year. 



I created this Oh, the Places You’ll Go Bulletin Board Bundle, which includes 2 display options that can be used at the beginning of the year, for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Open House, or Graduation.  Select one of the displays, or use both at different times of the year like I do!

Both Bundles include:

27 Balloon Writing Templates
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Bulletin Board Letters –
Medium and Large Letters
Included Phrases for Lettering:
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (“They’ll Go” and “We’ll Go” options as well)

3-D Bulletin Board Option includes:

3-D Craft and Teacher Tips for Assembly
Color and Black and White Options
Students follow book cover pattern using pastels, watercolors, crayons, or markers.
Included Phrases for 3-D Craft:
Oh, the Places I’ll Go! (You’ll Go, He’ll Go, and She’ll Go! options included as well)

Pastel Bulletin Board Option Includes:

Concentric Pastel Circles similar colors to the patterns in the book (Various Sizes)
Cloud templates
Teacher Tips


Oh, the Places You’ll Go Differentiated Balloon Writing Templates

27 Balloon Templates in Color and Black and White Options are included!
Both primary and regular lined formats available for writers in grades Kindergarten through 5th.

Color and black and white balloon options offer the following writing prompts:
“When I grow up,”
“If I could go to any place,”
“This year, I will…”
“This year, (blank line for name) will (insert goal for year). “

Print any of the black and white balloon versions on colored card stock or Astrobrights.
Colored versions were designed using similar colors to the balloons seen in the book.  Print colored versions onto white card stock.
Add a string to the end of the balloons after students complete writing portion.

Optional:  Take students’ pictures posing with one hand up in the hair.
Cut out and attach to the strings.


Teacher Tip: 

As I mentioned, my theme for the year is Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  I like to begin the year using the Pastel Bulletin Board Option.  I use the prompt, “This year, (student writes name) will (I write the goal that they tell me in the second blank).”  
Here is an example…
I end the year with graduation using the 3-D Display along with the “When I grow up,” prompt, which students are able to complete independently at that point.  I display the 3-D Crafts and Writing Pieces on the bulletin boards outside the auditorium where our Kindergarten Graduation is held.  They are always a hit!
Visit my TPT Store to view  my Oh, the Places You’ll Go Bulletin Board Bundle!  You can purchase this set separately or as part of my Graduation Mega Bundle!