Number Writing Number Sense Books

An Intro to Number Writing and Number Sense: A Beginning of the Year Kindergarten Math Must Have!

Kindergarten Number Sense
My kindergarten students are introduced to number sense using these fun books.  We do one page per day, which gives me twenty days of math lessons to use at the beginning of the year!  They learn to trace and write numbers 1 to 20 and to show the number using ten frames, tallies, dominoes, and number lines.  I used these books last year, and my kids LOVED them.  They had fun coloring the number people on the cover, and the pages helped to acquaint them with math concepts that we work on throughout the year.
Another great way to use the pages in these books is for an independent math center.  One customer used the first set of ten pages as a book.  Once her students got the hang of it, she used pages 11 to 20 as individual worksheets at her math center.  What a great idea!
In my experience, some math programs I have used lacked number writing practice and intro to number sense materials.   This led me to create these Number Writing Books.  You can buy these books separately, or save with the two book bundle in my TPT Store!
Be sure to read the reviews.  Teachers have found these books to be extremely helpful with number writing introduction and number sense concepts!
Number Writing Books






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