Hello Sunshine!  Color the world beautiful with this new collection by School Girl Style and Carson Dellosa Education!

If you love ROYGBIV goodness as much as I do, the The Hello Sunshine Collection is for you!

I have been teaching kindergarten for 13 years now, and I have had many classroom themes over the years.  A few years back, I decided to switch to a rainbow color scheme instead of a character theme.  There’s just something about the colors of the rainbow that make my teacher heart happy.  I began to add rainbow accents and storage a little bit at a time.  When I discovered Melanie @schoolgirlstyle and @carsondellosa on Instagram, I fell in love with their rainbow themed collections.  I used elements from both the Twinkle, Twinkle collection and the Just Teach line last school year to add the finishing touches to my rainbow room.  The colorful classroom I had envisioned all of these years was finally complete!  And then…Melanie went and did it again!  She came out with the most beautiful collection I have ever seen – Hello Sunshine.  I knew I just had to have it!

The great thing about School Girl Style collections is that you can mix and match many of the elements.  I incorporated some new items from the Hello Sunshine collection, and they coordinated perfectly with many of my JUST TEACH favorites.  Take a look…

Kindergarten Classroom Decor

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Let’s talk borders!

Borders are always on the top of my list when I want to give my classroom a new look.  The Hello Sunshine borders are pure perfection!  Below is a picture of the bulletin board behind my desk.  It’s the first thing I see when I walk into my classroom.  It’s amazing how the right borders and poster can brighten up the entire room on a budget.  Here, I used the Hello Sunshine Rainbow Scalloped Borders paired with the Black and White Scalloped Borders from the Simply Stylish Collection.  This double border combination is one of my all-time favorites.  The Color the World Beautiful is from the Hello Sunshine Poster Collection.  I used the scalloped borders and cut them to create a frame around the poster.  Everyone who visits my classroom comments on how beautiful this board looks!

Hello Sunshine Poster

The Pom Pom Borders areHello Sunshine Birthday Set another favorite of mine!  I used these borders to frame the Hello Sunshine Birthday Board Set as shown on the left.  The mini birthday cakes in this set are perfect if you are looking to create a birthday board that doesn’t take up too much space.  An Instagram follower messaged me asking for advice as to where to write the kids’ names.  I ordered a set of mini colored clothespins and used a fine point Sharpie to write the students’ names and the date of their birthdays.  I clipped the clothespins to the tops of the cakes, and they look great!

You also can’t go wrong with the Hello Sunshine Straight Borders.  My daughter, Taylor, picked this double border combo below pairing these borders with School Girl Style’s Big Rainbow Dot Borders.

Creating Your Own Sunshine

Some of my favorite items from the Hello Sunshine Collection include the Welcome Sign, Calendar Set, and The Rainbow of Possibilities Set.  Take a look below to see how these products made my room a little sunnier…

Hello Sunshine Calendar

Hello Sunshine Calendar

Rainbow of Possiblities

Kindergarten Korner by Casey

I hope this post has inspired you to add a little sunshine to your space!  The Hello Sunshine has given my classroom a clean, colorful, and cohesive look.  Thank you to School Girl Style and Carson Dellosa Education for creating yet another collection that is simply perfection!



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