We’re Nuts About Fall in my classroom!  Create the cutest bulletin board with bushy tailed squirrels and acorn writing pieces.


If you follow this blog, you can probably tell that I am slightly obsessed with creating eye-catching bulletin boards!  I try to display a combination of artwork and writing with each board.  The students love seeing their work in the room or hallway and so do the other grades that pass by the boards!  I love how my  FALL SQUIRRELS and ACORN WRITING PIECES turned out this year, and I am super excited to share them with you!
  This package includes 6 differentiated black and white primary and intermediate writing templates.  Templates may accommodate writers in kindergarten, first, second, and third grade.  A BONUS squirrel template is included as well as NEW display lettering!  Here are my teacher tips for creating this fun fall bulletin board in your classroom…

Prepping your Fall Bulletin Board

Decide which writing template/templates you wish to use and copy onto brown construction paper.  If you cannot copy onto construction paper, just copy onto white.  Use brown watercolors to do a wash on the paper, let them dry, and do the writing the next day!  I do the writing portion in small groups at my teacher table center.
Copy squirrels onto brown cardstock/ construction paper, OR copy onto white and have kids paint one side (the reverse side of the pattern) brown. Cut out the next day.  You can also trace the pattern onto brown construction paper.
Cut brown tissue paper squares, and each student will need a handful of these to make the tail bushy!

Teacher Tips for Creating the Cutest Squirrels

I tell my students this is a “Simon Says” following directions craft.  They watch me do one step and then I say, “Simon says it’s your turn.”
1.Students cut out squirrels and write their names on the back.
2.Point to the tip of the face.  Draw the nose.
3.Draw the eye and eyebrow.  You can add eyelashes if you wish.
4.Add a smile.
5.Draw a line between the feet.  Color the paws darker brown if you wish.
6.I take a pencil and go around and draw a line for where they will begin gluing the tissue.  I tell the kids they will fill in the entire tail with tissue paper from the pencil line back.
7.Place tissue at each table.  In my opinion, glue sticks work best to cover the entire tail area first.  I model how to take one square at a time, scrunch it up, and press and hold onto the glued area.  Then, I tell them it takes patience to cover the entire area, and I encourage them not to leave any “bald spots!”
8.Dry and display with your fall acorn writing pieces.

Most importantly, have fun creating your festive fall bulletin board!  Happy Fall!

This product has been updated to include BONUS lettering that reads, “We’re Nuts About Fall!” as seen in the photo above.  If you have purchased this set previously, simply download the file again to receive the updates.
I love using this Astrobrights bundle to make the acorns pop!
If you use my resource in your classroom, I would LOVE to see a pic.  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey for a chance to win free products!
Happy Fall!