Halloween Activities for Kindergarten

Halloween Activities for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

I absolutely LOVE integrating the holiday into our curriculum.  I wanted to create a one-stop shop with NO PREP resources for fellow Halloween lovers like myself.  This Halloween MEGA Bundle includes a little bit of everything you need to celebrate Halloween in your Kindergarten or First Grade Classroom. Create the cutest Halloween bulletin boards, set up instant centers for math and writing, and decorate with the printable banner. Use the candy corn letter tracing mats to work on handwriting, and have your kids partner read and color the emergent reader. The October journal prompts are great for writing all month long. The possibilities are endless!  Read more to see how I have used these Halloween Activities for Kindergarten and 1st Grade in my own Classroom!


You may also purchase the individual resources separately if you need just one!  Click on the bundle, then select the resource that you want.

Create a Halloween Scene with Print and Go Bulletin Board Bundles!

Included in the Halloween MEGA Bundle are two bulletin board bundles complete with lettering, printable templates, and differentiated writing options.

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Family Homework set  includes a parent letter if you wish to send the pumpkin decorating template as homework.  I do this, and it’s awesome!  The kids do the work at home, and you have an instant bulletin board.  We create pumpkin writing at school to attach to their decorated pumpkins to turn them into flip crafts!  Take a look below to see how this board turned out this year and last year…

Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

The Candy Bucket Flip Craft Trick or Treat Halloween Bundle is another fun one to complete with your kindergarten or first grade students.  The children decorate the candy bucket and write about their favorite Halloween candy.  The Trick or Treat Banner is also included in this package.

Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Halloween Activities for Kindergarten and 1st Grade: NO PREP Reading, Writing, and Math

Halloween Ideas for Kindergarten

Halloween / October Journal Writing

Have you tried my TPT Featured Journals?  If not, try them out with this MEGA Bundle!  Choose the prompts you like, and either use them as individual worksheets or as a journal.  This makes a great October Writing Center.  The October Writing Journals are great for morning work or for no prep sub plans as well!

Halloween Writing Ideas

Learn more about my journals HERE!

Halloween Math: Rainbow Pumpkin 10 Frames

Halloween Math Ideas

I introduced my Rainbow Pumpkin Ten Frames this week, and the kids LOVED them.  Each student gets a pumpkin 10 frame mat.  They can work in partners, small groups, or individually.  They place the counting cards in the center of the table face down.  Students take turns flipping over a card, reading the number, and everyone in the group has to build the number shown on the 10 frame.  When the next student flips over a card, the team must decide whether they need to add more counters or take away.  Challenge your higher level students by asking them how many they need to add or subtract!

I printed an extra set of number cards, hole punched them, and created a math center.  Students worked on one-to-one correspondence and fine motor skills as they matched the number of links to the number shown on the card.  They really enjoyed this!

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Emergent Reader

This Halloween Emergent Reader book uses a combination of sight words (I, see, and a).  I had my kids partner read these books and then color and trace the words.  Parents enjoyed listening to their child read these at home!

Candy Corn Writing Templates

If you need a simple and cute idea, these candy corn writing templates are for you!  I had my kids use dot art to decorate.  After it was dry, they used markers to write an adjective for candy corn.  I hung these on a clothesline by our windows.  They look adorable!

Class Book

Class Books are hands-down my favorite writing activity.  My kids are so proud of these books because THEY are the authors and illustrators.  They read them again and again throughout the year.  This Halloween Class Book is so much fun to create.  Simply take their photos on Halloween, print, and have each student write about what they dressed as for Halloween.


Candy Corn Letter Tracing Handwriting Mats

Print, laminate, and you have an instant Handwriting Mats Writing Center at your fingertips.  Kindergarten and First Grade students never have enough handwriting practice!  Each mat shows the proper letter formation technique.  Students practice uppercase and lowercase formation.

Halloween Science, Pumpkin Writing Templates, and Candy Corn Lettering

I have the activities below on tap for this week, so I don’t have action photos for these three resources that are also included in my Halloween MEGA Bundle!  The Halloween Senses mini-books are the perfect way to integrate science and writing. Differentiated pumpkin writing templates may be used for Writer’s Workshop, writing centers, or just about anything!  Lastly, decorate for the holiday with the full set of candy corn bulletin board or display lettering!


I hope this post has given you some ideas for Halloween activities in Kindergarten and 1st Grade!  Thanks for reading!  Happy Halloween, teachers!