Snowmen at Night ResourceSnowmen at Night:  The Perfect Cold Weather Craftivity

Update as of December 2021:  The original file has been updated to include everything shown above.  Choose from new craft templates, a variety of snowman accessories, differentiated writing templates, and new lettering options in color and black and white.  CLICK HERE to find this must-have winter resource in my TPT Store!


The file still includes the original version shown here to use if you prefer.

This TPT Top Seller is a MUST HAVE cold weather craftivity for kindergarten and first grade students!  Create the cutest Winter Bulletin Board with these NO PREP Snowman Writing and Craft Templates. Choose from differentiated writing templates for Kindergarten, first, or second grade writers. Use the Snowmen at Night prompt or use the blank templates and create your own snowman writing prompt!


Creating the background…

I prefer to use 12 x18 dark blue construction paper.  You can also do it on black paper for the “night” effect, and it turns out great!  Whichever paper you choose, have students use sponges on sticks to paint the snow.  We do this step first and let them dry while students complete the cutting and writing portions of the craft.

Making the snow realistic…

This step is optional and it does take a little bit of time,  I have my tables work together to create snow by tearing paper into small squares.  This is a great fine-motor activity, and it makes the snowmen look more realistic.  After the kids cut out the three circles, I have them overlap and glue on pieces of snow.  

Adding the final touches…

If you are using the original version, students may use markers or paint to draw the face, dot art to create the buttons, and scraps of orange construction paper to create noses.  You can have them draw on the arms or use pipe cleaners. 


The updated file includes snowman accessories shown in the photo here.  Print the accessories onto colored paper, and let your students choose the colors for their snowman’s scarf and buttons.  Add the sticks for arms, carrot nose, and the snowman hat writing template.
Snowman Craft
Have them glue their finished writing piece to the snowman and attach the snowmen onto their backgrounds once they have dried.   Take a look at how these adorable snowmen came out…
Winter Bulletin Board
Snowmen Bulletin Board
I would love to see how this turns out in your classroom.  If you do this activity, please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey!  Stay warm!

~Click the picture for the affiliate link to the book Snowmen at Night...I read this book prior to beginning the activity, and it’s always a hit!